Can I update to iOS 4.3 firmware on the iPhone 3G?

Can I update to iOS 4.3 firmware on the iPhone 3G?

UPDATE: You can now download older versions of apps from the App Store. Try it out, and let us know if it worked for you.

No. Apple is officially leaving the iPhone 3G behind to run iOS 4.2.1 firmware forever. No more updates for the iPhone 3G will be forthcoming.

If you haven't updated to iOS 4.2.1 on your iPhone 3G you can find iPhone 3G firmware files here. The iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 (AT&T only) will support iOS 4.3.


and what are us 3G suppose to do? It won't let me download any apps without the 4.3 update, that pisses me off they sold me this stupid thing and now it's useless because apple want's to leave it behind, fuck that I want my money back!!!!!

Same, though I didn't buy mine, I was given it when the previous user upgraded.

That's happened to me too, what are we supposed to do as I don't understand what they are saying? Do we have to 'upgrade' or even sack off the iPhone 3Gs and go for a more expensive phone? Would really Like some feedback as I am pretty confused by it all.
Thank you

They said you cam only upgrade your phone to a
I phone 4 forever you can't upgrade
It any more. And you can only upgrade it if you have AT&T as the network systen

I think what they are saying is no we can't update our 3g's but we can now get older versions of other apps in the App Store that will work with the 3GS not everything but some games and apps will do this. For example you want to get candy crush but you couldnt get it last time you tried. well now maybe they have an older version that's compatable with your phone. Meanwhile I can't use Craigslist. What if its a website and not an app?

I bought mine for $50 from a friend of mine.

ya..I agree with you.

ios4.3 update

Apdate IOS 4.3


yes I want to update my phone

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My phone 3G I want update software

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I want to update3.4ios iphone3g

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I have iPhone 3G is may koi thing download ni ho ti plZ tel me Ma kaya karo

Update ios4.3 ipone 3g

How to update iOS 4.3

How to update iOS 4.3

I want to download watts app and iOS 4.3

I have a n. iPhone 3 i want to' update

I'm just as pissed as you, bro! I'm tossing my 3G to the garbage, kissing Apple's ass goodbye and getting myself a nice little Android phone: Samsung Galaxy S3 ;) Way to take care of your customers, Apple!

Do you know that samsung too has got models that can't be upgraded above Android 2.6? This is common in most phone manufacturers when they realize the hardware requirement cannot meet latest versions of their OS's.

If you have what it takes to buy Galaxy S3 then you can as well buy iphone 4 which gives you same value and prestige. No need to be bias when comparing phone models. Think about the hardware capabilities and price range

Think about it

Really. Android is by far a helluva lot better than apple by a looooong shot. I have a galaxy S3 and does great. You do have a good point and right about the two types of phones, but going ahead and investing in an Android phone will take you farther than Apple will even negin to touch. Apple has way too much copyright ctap and will nickle-n-dime you to death for every little feature etc. You have a lot more freedom with Android.



Is the android market chock full of apps that won't run on these Android 2.6 phones? I have no problem being on 4.2.1. I have a problem with being cut off from the App Store because Apple decided to leave me behind, effectively forcing all 3G users to upgrade if they want fully functional devices.

I've never been a huge fan of Apple, but this, I think, has turned me off them for good. It'll be the last apple device I buy. Thanks for the good times, assholes!