How can I fix waiting iPhone apps that will not install?

How can I fix waiting iPhone apps that will not install?

When an iPhone application has a grey icon and says it's waiting, normally the app will quickly change to loading and then installing as it continues the process of downloading and installing to your device. Sometimes the app hangs at waiting and never progresses. Usually this is due to a connection problem with the App Store or some other issue.

The easiest way to correct the problem is to restart your iPhone using the power button. When the iPhone reboots the waiting icons should continue to load and install normally, assuming your cellular data or Wi-Fi connection is working properly.


I've tried every single thing on here and my apps still won't update and download :/ I have an Iphone 6 with IOS 8.3

The restart recommendation made everything worked great thank you very much

Please need your help guys, i used iphone 6 8.3. I cant download any single app on app store. I log out my apple id but it wont log in again (it might be the connection, but idk) I ALMOST tried all the solution listed above but still nothing happen. And when i tried to download some apps, which (press the "get" icon then you'll see a circling motion which will ask your password eventually) but then after i log in my password, the circle beside the app turn back to "get" and it wont download. Please help.

I am stuck with updates pending for last one week. My updates are not not going beyond waiting. I have tried all tricks suggested. Can anyone help?

I restarted my phone and opened the i-tunes app (in stead of the app store app) like someone suggested in an earlier comment. Only opening i-tunes (and walking trough it) was enough for my apps to start updating again after struggeling for 2 days

All you have to do is put your phone in safe mode then delete the app regularly. That easy.

Thank you - I restarted my phone (should've thought of that) and it's working now.

when I was trying to download an app which is free, it says purchase n something like verification. Before it never happen so I have no idea what that is. Can someone plz help me. Tia

I hve donloaded the ipa files from an external source called
But after i downloaded i cant install the app through itunes
its waiting when i click on it from my homescreen
Im using Ipad Air IOS 8.4.

I hve donloaded the ipa files from an external source called
But after i downloaded i cant install the app through itunes
its waiting when i click on it from my homescreen
Im using Ipad Air IOS 8.4.

I still didn't know how/when this kind of happening should fix but try what I do to get rid of unable to update some apps or tired of waiting not installing apps..
1. Go to itunes.
2. Connect your iphone to your laptop/computer.
3. In itunes, select APP STORE. Then install some apps what you want there in app store or apps should update then go update there while you're still in itunes. And wait the installation/update to finish. (Patience is virtue)
4. After you install some apps there, Go click into your iphone/ipad. From the summary, Click APPS. then Go drag whatever apps you like into your iphone/ipad.
5. And wait to copy the apps into your iphone/ipad. You can already see the icon into your iphone/ipad.
6. Then viola! Wait to finish sync.
Your apps in your iphone/ipad are now updated and you can install now any apps just by using itunes.
It's very multitasking I guess but its worth it.


Thank you so much this worked

My issue was caused by the terms and conditions on the ITunes store changing and I needed to accept the new conditions. Why it didn't give me this prompt when I logged into the app store I don't know. But I logged into ITunes and it gave me the prompt asking me to accept the new terms.

Once I accepted the new terms and conditions my apps started downloading and updating.

I've tried shutung my phone off and reinstalling the app but it still won't download anything get veryfustrated plz help me

After restor iPhone 4s to 6 suddenly apps store not working in iPhone . . Please help me out.

It worked! Thanks :D

Restart worked for me on iphone 6s (y)

I have tried downloading a couple apps like instagram and snapchat on my phone. For the past 3 days it has been saying waiting & will not download. I've reseted all settings on my phone, logged out of my apple ID, tried reinstalling the apps, etc. I don't know what else to do.

OMG me too

Fuck this I don't know what to do now I've tried everything .
Pls help

iPhone 6S plus

Fantastic, if only i had read this before deleting all the 16 apps that were stuck!
I tried it and it worked just fine, restart your phone, and it will ask for your apple store password, finito!

Guys I have found the solution for it on IOS 9.3.1 ... You just have to hard reset your phone by holding both power button and home screen together for a couple of seconds and your phone will directly reboot without asking for permission.. When it restarts you will be able to delete those motherfuckers stuck app when you press and hold on them but you have you got to repeat this step for each stuck app if you have more than on app stuck in hand ... You are welcome in advance :D

pull down to your search menu on your iphone, search for the app you want to download, then, when you search for it, it should come up and you tap on it, then it will take you to the app store, then you hit download.

Tried all this, nothing worked. However, go to app store, click updates, purchased, click arrow to right of purchased, at stuck app press the square circle on right and cloud comes up, press it again and it started loading. Hope this helps.

I swapped out iPhones and did a 'restore' on my new iPhone. Nothing worked to get the apps that were 'waiting' to download. What I finally did was go to iTunes, plug in my iPhone, got to the Apps section of iTunes for that iPhone and in the list on the right are all the Apps available (that you have previsouly downloaded. I also updated them all to make sure I had the current version). Then, for about a dozen that were still 'waitng' I clicked the "Remove" button. then clicked the "Apply" button at the bottom of the screen. That seemed to kick something in, becuase about 70 apps were syncing. Howver, the 12 that I "removed" were now on the last screen of my iPhone, with a generic icon. Maybe I need to restart, or redownload those, but that fixed all the rest. Maybe if you try deleting one. that will be enough to re-set whatever.

You could have a try to uninstall the app to download and install it again. If you click on deleted and it still in the screen, please restart iPhone.