How can I restore my iPhone with iTunes when it boots to a black screen?

How can I restore my iPhone with iTunes when it boots to a black screen?

If your iPhone fails to boot up repeatedly you may have to restore it with iTunes and your computer. To restore the iPhone completely follow these steps:

1. Before you connect your iPhone with the USB cable, start iTunes. Make sure iTunes is finished downloading podcasts, updating, etc.
2. Connect your iPhone to the computer and wait 10-15 seconds for the connection.
3. Press and hold both the sleep/wake button and home button on your iPhone.
4. After 10 seconds, release the sleep/wake button and continue to hold the home button only.
5. Wait a few more seconds and iTunes should pop up a dialogue box that asks if you are ready to restore your iPhone. Your iPhone is in recovery mode.
6. Follow the steps in iTunes to restore.

Sometimes when you press the home button and sleep/wake button together the iPhone will try to reboot again. If this happens and you see the Apple logo disconnect the iPhone and start from step 1.

After restoring your iPhone OS you can sync your contacts and music, or even restore from a backup (as long as you've synced your iPhone and made a backup previously on the same computer).


Thank you very much you save me £120. At the Apple Store they said I have to buy a new one and thanks to you my Iphone 4 works again.

Thank you very much for this solution. You saved me in a moment of panic.

Can somebody please help me my phone is on a black screen and my lock screen button is broke can somebody help me fix it

I happen to have the same situation with you, and I tried a third-party software called Reiboot to restore my device. It workes the same with iTunes and directly put your iPhone into recovery mode. It costs a few dollars, however.

this might help one of you but my phone just had an issue where it turned off then when turning back on it would turn on fine but the screen would just be black. what you must do is get your phone into safe mode. if you dont know how to do it, look it up. and make sure you do it right. 99% of the time your phone will turn on completely fine. go into cydia and delete any dimming apps like flux and dim. activator also. i also deleted bigu and clap in my scenario. then it is crucial to go into your settings and remove your password. also delete fingerprint scanner for the time being. then finally delete a tweak that will reset your phone. remove this tweak and when you reset your phone you should be able to have all things up and running fine again! now you can go back and add your password again and your tweaks. just remember not to let your phone turn off again as this will happen.


hye, my phone blocks i have download ios9
and the last update i need 2 xo then he blocks and i can't slide
how you can help me

i restarted my new iphone 6 which i got 2 days ago , its froze during the process and won't carry on. i've tried connecting to itunes but it won't work because i can't go on my phone. what do i do?


In the itunes process, i clicked continue (other option was cancel) and it sent my iphone 4s into block mode. How can i fix it.

Many thanks!

I have an 6 plus 64GB i had black screen when i restorded and i got error 53 after a fue months apple fixed that delay and i restorded again then the phone restord normally but the screen is still black and i have changed screens and trie restoring whit them to what is the problem and i restorded to day to 9.3.2

thank you for this detailed step by step explanation!

It worked for me too. Thanks. Any idea what caused the black out?

i don't understand, is it my bad or what but this still asks for (To allow access, please respond from your iphone)