Get an Android App Drawer on the iPhone

Android App Drawer iOS 9

iPhone owners may not be familiar with the App Drawer or App Tray found on Android devices. In a nutshell, the App Drawer provides a central location to view and launch all installed apps. Now iOS 9 users can enjoy this same convenience using the appropriately named jailbreak tweak AppDrawer. Once installed, a single app icon labeled Apps appears on the iOS home screen.

Unlike other app launchers available on Cydia, such as Fern and AppBox 9, no Activator gesture is required and apps cannot be launched from the lock screen. The Android-style AppDrawer simply takes up the space for one app icon. Launching AppDrawer reveals two sections, Apps and Favorites. Tapping the menu heading will switch between the sections, which can be configured under settings. Each app must be toggled under Settings -> AppDrawer -> Hidden AppDrawer Icons or Favorite Applications to determine which apps show up in the drawer. Apps can also be hidden from the iOS home screen, making them solely accessible from the drawer.

After this setup is complete, apps will appear in the App Drawer in alphabetical order. While the appearance of the App Drawer can not currently be customized, the Apps icon itself can be placed anywhere on the iOS 9 home screen or dock for easy access.

AppDrawer is available on Cydia for $0.99. To start customizing iOS, click here for instructions on how to jailbreak iOS 9 with Pangu. Find out how to purchase and install Cydia tweaks with this guide.

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