How can I completely erase all personal data from / reset my iPhone?

How do I factory reset my iPhone? Can I wipe all data from my iOS device?

Factory reset iPhone

You may need to wipe your iPhone in order to sell it or get the device serviced or replaced. After all, the iPhone is a treasure trove of personal data with access to contacts, online accounts, and more.

To factory reset / erase your personal data from the iPhone follow these steps:

  1. If needed back up your data for future use
  2. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Reset
  3. Enter your passcode or Apple ID credentials if prompted
  4. To reset all settings to factory defaults without deleting your music, contacts, etc. choose "Reset All Settings"
  5. For a complete wipe of all personal data from the iPhone select "Erase All Content and Settings"
  6. Confirm your selection when prompted

After the process is complete your private data is erased. If necessary you can reload your music and contacts, etc. by syncing the reset iPhone with your backup.



Try [stong]]Vibosoft iPhone data erase[/strong], it can erase all data from iPhone without restoring.

Simple deletion is not enough, compared with the general deletion; this program offers a more deep-seated, and the most safest and effective data protection solution available foe iPhone, iPad and iPod device, it lows you to erase files in such a way that it is impossible to recover them by software or hardware means, this is The only way to fully ensure that data cannot be recovered by some iOS data recovery program.

How to Erase iPhone data without recovery:

In fact, the data will not gone completely if you only perform deletion operation on your iPhone, the data still remain on your iPhone's internal memory, and can be recovered by some data recovery.

Still there is a desktop utility called iOS Data Eraser that can zero out/permanently erase already deleted text messages and other data from an iPhone so that no one view them or recover them using iOS data recovery programs.

Do checkout this guide for more details:

If you need to erase iPhone personal data, you can try some professional tool on RecoveryTool.

Well, the Erase ll of iPhone will not completely overwritten your personal data on iPhone, but just make it inaccessible. However what if the hacker crack it?!!!
To ensure the infos secure, we'd better totally overwritten them, like what iMfone Umate Pro does.

The Erasephone i have tried , as you said, which can delete and erase everything from iPhone/iPod/iPad , and it allow the iOS device and Android user ,
For iOS device , i still recommended the iOS Data Eraser tool , just to be safed , which can wipe messages,contacts ,photos,videos,and all the files on iOS device ,

ErasePhone is the best app to wipe personal data on any iOS device. It uses military standard to destroy the data and there is no way to get any information from the device. You can give it a try from here:

Erase Your Device Permanently-Suppose if you are operating or selling your iPod, iPad or iPhone touch, before passing it make sure that your device is safe. This can be done by just a single click on “Erase All Data” option. It is not sufficient to remove all your data by Factory resets,

you can use professional data destroyer which ensures that your personal information has totally ended.

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I found the hard way that just because you wiped your iPhone's data doesn't mean that everything linking you to the phone has been removed. There are some apps that may still be linked based on your phone's unique hardware ID. I sold an old iPhone to a friend of mine and completely erase all data on iPhone permanently

Method above, however, he informed me that my account was still linked as he was seeing all of the Pandora channels I had created. He said that the same was true for several other apps as well, to permanently erase everything on iPhone before selling, you have to choose some professional iPhone data erase software.

This is exactly what I was looking to do. Your instructions worked perfectly. Thank you.

"Erase All Content and Settings" is only fit for users who haven’t leave any important data on the iPhone. Because the data erased by this way can be recovered easily. If you want to securely erase iPhone, this site maybe helpful:

You can follow the tips here:
It is essential to erase your personal data if you plan to sell or abandon your old phone.

Well, the Erase all of iPhone will not completely overwritten your personal data on iPhone, but just make it inaccessible. However what if the hacker crack it?!!!
To ensure the infos secure, we'd better totally overwritten them, like what iMfone Umate Pro does.