How to block all unknown calls on iPhone

Only allow Contacts to call iPhone

Blocking calls on the iPhone can increase privacy, reduce spam and offer peace and quiet when it's most needed. The iPhone has several features designed to help block undesired calls. One way to reduce annoyances is with the Do Not Disturb feature. Blocking an individual number can be convenient, but sometimes it's not enough. There's an easy way to block all calls that are not listed in your iPhone Contacts.

This is where the built-in Do Not Disturb settings in iOS come in handy. In addition to preventing all unknown callers from getting through, this function can be scheduled to occur at certain times.

Follow these instructions to limit all incoming calls to people on your Contacts list:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Do Not Disturb
  2. Toggle Manual ON (green slider) to enable Do Not Disturb (DND), or schedule a time for DND to automatically switch on
  3. Tap Allow Calls From
  4. Select All Contacts

Now whenever DND is enabled, the only phone calls you will receive will be known Contacts. The ringer will not sound for incoming calls from phone numbers unlisted in Contacts or from lines with unknown Caller ID.

There are additional options in DND settings, which make it possible to further limit incoming phone calls and decide when to silence the ringer. For a full rundown on how to set up and configure Do Not Disturb settings click here.


Fuck off with this shit "tip" blocking unknown callers is not the same as allowing notifications from only your contacts.

I did apply this setting and I did work, still call from no contact list went thru

for calls that are not in your contact list is there a way to direct them to voice mail only?

Yes, it silences everything except calls/texts from known contacts. EVERTHING. Hopefully you don't want any notifications coming through from other apps, like social media or other messaging apps, you don't get those either. If you are using a messaging app to have a conversation in real time with someone it's easy enough to work around, you just to have your phone out, checking it every few seconds. But, that's actually more hassle than just checking caller ID and ignoring calls as they come in.