Does the iPhone support A2DP (Stereo Bluetooth Audio)

Does the iPhone support A2DP (Stereo Bluetooth Audio)

UPDATE: Yes, as of the release of iPhone OS 3.0, the iPhone now supports A2DP.

Many of today's newer wireless devices (i.e. the Samsung Blackjack) support A2DP audio output. A2DP audio devices, such as stereo bluetooth headsets, offer high quality listening ability without those nagging wires. As the iPhone is birthed from the iPod, and is undoubtedly the most music oriented phone ever to be developed, surely the iPhone supports A2DP, right?

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this is not the case. As of firmware version 1.1.1, there is not yet support for the A2DP Bluetooth profile on the Apple iPhone.


It better otherwise, well, I will cry or something...

I'm thinking about picking up a pair of bluetooth headphones, such as Logitech's FreePulse, though I'm waiting on news of A2DP on the iPhone, as I will be getting it immediately at release =D.

don't waste your money.... the iphone bluetooth support is crap

What are you talking about, it works like a charm ????, i use AD2P to stream my iTues music in my Audi, works perfectly, i use it for handsfree call, works perfectly, so what else do you need,nerd?

Good work replying to a 3 year old thread, champ.


That's why threads are useful you cock

How do you get the audi to stream to your Audi? I Have an 2007 A4 with Navi and I'm trying to figure out how to stream audio over bluetooth.


Update to 4.1. Full Bluetooth was only applied in oct. Of 2010

Yea, a little late. Any way, firmware update 4.1 added full Bluetooth support .It was not an option with the iPhone. before Oct. 2010, only partial 2.1 profile not 3.0. So I guess "The nerd" was expecting something standard on windows phones for over 5 years( 3.0 profile)

hello, i am also driving an audi and wanted to know how to setup the iphone and car stereo for a2dp.

I want to use bluetooth headset for my iphone 4 and listen music or video
which headset I should use?
Thank you.

I have the Logitech FreePulse BT headphones and the iPhone and can confirm that they do indeed work with each other. I was just out gardening listening to the iPod component of the iPhone thru the bluetooth headphones and enjoying the freedom of having no wires!

>>>I have the Logitech FreePulse BT headphones and the iPhone and can confirm that they do indeed work with each other. I was just out gardening listening to the iPod component of the iPhone thru the bluetooth headphones and enjoying the freedom of having no wires!

You were? I've been getting increasingly frustrated with this iphone - I have several bluetooth headsets and have been using their A2DP capabilities for some time now [on a PROPER phone - that even has an 'auto-answer' feature, just something else apple 'forgot' to add] - the iphone however, does NOT appear to support A2DP!
So phone operates, streaming music does not.

You appear to have found a secret that I have yet to uncover? Please share :-)

got the answer goto the voice mail function and on the top right (audio) enable the blutoot function
as a output for your audio device wat it will do is it will play music through your bluetooth but if
you have stereo bluetooth it olnly plays mono...

That's not an answer and I think you are confusing yourself or don't quite understand what this FAQ is about. A2DP is STEREO BLUETOOTH, who wants to listen to MONO on a $500 phone/mp3 player, not me that's for bloody sure!

If you use a "Made for iPod" bluetooth dongle, you will be able to get A2DP and even track control on some... try :)

If you're happy carrying around another box that not only increases the size of the iPhone, but risks snapping the iphone where it joins up to the dongle via the stereo connector, and paying an extra $100 odd dollars for the priviledge, then sure go for it - I'd rather wait until Apple includes A2DP in the iphone itself, until then my money stays in my pocket.

altec lansing 906 has stereo headphones and BT dongle for ~$90 at amazon.
I am annoyed that iphone 3.0 doesent have A2DP support but the dongle does work with Iphone and IPOD.

hoping the update will have a2dp support eventually


I agree

That's not an answer either.
The stereo music streaming thourgh bluetooth should be supported from the inside of iPhone but attaching box to the outside of it.
IPhone is a great gadget but disappointing. It's like a beamer with 14inch wheels and like PS3 attached to 14inch monochrome tube TV.

Dear Friend,

check this out.,EN

IPhone does not have A2DP, I Agree with you. But the Logitec FreePulse headset or 's CN 530 headsets are designed in such a way that they take the input from your 3.5 mm audio jack output and then the device uses its built in A2DP profile converts and sends it to its Bluetooth headset.

Thanks to the Idea, I am planning to get one from MediaMrkt-EUROPE. I understood the device and I have to try it.

Hope it works?

Thanks in advance

You can enable Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) profiles via hardware solutions such as iBlueT from Basically it is a "Made for iPod" dongle and stereo headset bundle. You connect the dongle to the iPhone via the dock connector and then pair the stereo headset to your iPhone / dongle. I can confirm it does NOT have the annoying speaker playing at the same time problem that everyone has experienced with the workarounds of enabling A2DP via tricks / hacks etc... It only cost $99USD vs the Apple Bluetooth headset at $129 USD...

My friend recently got his IPhone and wanted to see if my Ipod adapter (Jabra 125As) would work with it. When connected we recieved an error that stated the device was not created for the iPhone but it worked. The on board speaker did not play over it and the device connects (stereo) to any A2DP bluetooth. Then only catch is that you have to have it connected. We tested it with a Youtube video but he had not put any MP3's or video on the iPhone yet. Hope this helps. The adapter retails for about 30 bux at

This is fucking rediculous. Apple needs to pony the fuck up.

All of these work-a-rounds are good for those seeking fullfillment by conquering the giant with finger twisting! However, having customers wait (like myself) while there are comparable smart phones that can utilize the A2DP function as well as the "resizing" and touch screen perks is nut wrenching!! I'm considering a new phone in the next few hours, man! That is because I need a phone with man toys that I can get a good grunt out of instead of trying purchase, return and to purchase another product to try to get around an obviously "obvious" ploy at having you spend the doe now and we"ll give you "the hook up" later!

I just purchased the JAWBONE ICON and it is totally compatible with the iPhone 4. Not only does it offer A2DP, but it also has a battery life icon for the bluetooth on the iPhone next to the iPhone's battery life. It also allows you to hear the incoming call # thru the earpiece as well as the ringtone associated with the caller id. Very Impressed. I can finally listen to my music on my iPhone thru my bluetooth!!!

Yeah, well it doesn't work with original iphone running software version 3.13, so i wasted my money on the plantronics headset and the jawbone jambox. And other speakers and headsets over the years, thinking the idiots at Apple would have figured out how to make the earlier iphones work with them.

buy jabra awesome with iphone for streaming music from your ipod, pandora, iheart or whatever u use for music on your iphone 3g and up

...or of course I could brick my phone again by trying to upgrade to the latest iphone sw...then take it into the Apple idiot Store and have them blow away all my data again, insisting that itunes will recover application data (which it will not, other than the most basic contact lists and music). Lost priceless historical recordings, documents and more.

And I thought this kind of "Sudden iPhone Death Syndrome" only happened to me!!!! Upgraded the OS of my white 4G, i do believe about the same time you posted this. Not Twelve hours later...... I turned it off..... And, well.... That was simply the end of that lill' iPhone's time here with us!
I then researched Every YouTube Video (Hacker) trick of button combination presses and folklore-esque incantations, but, no pulse.
Brought the iPhone into the Apple Store and he was pronounced D.O.A.!!! --this of course after minor surgey in Apple Employee Only ER... Where they confirmed I had indeed NOT dropped it in water!!!! (Admittedly, that part kinda ticked me off. But I can only imagine how many try to pawn off a dry iPhone for one that might as well have previously attempted an escape from Alcatraz!)

In the end, the gent handed me a new white iPhone, said the warranty would only cover any time Remaining from the Original (now DEAD), iPhone. --Can Someone EXPLAIN That to me??!!!
How is it that a New "Anything" not get its OWN warranty???? This blows my mind Completely! Makes me feel like I'm the enclosed side of the fenced playground hearing, "The first time is free, but after that you have to pay." Apple will stand behind their quality and craftsmanship for "a limited time" regardless of maturation, and then just kick you from the nest? What Companies need to more seriously suck-up and realize is that the colloquilalism "Where there's a will, there's a way!" didn't magically appear in a bowl of alphabet cereal or soup! So please, Dont punish the masses on account of the inevitable actions of some bad apples. (EEK!!!!no pun intended!!!).

Thank you!
You've been a great audience and Than You for all coming out!