How do I get a list of my purchased iPhone apps?

How do I get a list of my purchased iPhone apps?

There are a few ways to find out whether or not you already own an iOS application. iTunes or the App Store on your iPhone won't charge you twice for the same app, but you might want to know in advance before you take a chance and install.

1. Try leaving a review of the app on iTunes (go to the iTunes page for the app you're checking and find Customer Reviews -> Write a Review). If you don't own the app, Apple won't let you write one.

2. Check your iTunes purchase history (click your email address in the upper right corner in the iTunes App Store -> log in -> click Purchase History). This gives you a comprehensive list of apps you've purchased, although there's no way to search multiple pages in the list.

3. Search your email for iTunes receipts. If you didn't delete them all, the app titles are listed in every receipt.


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