Leaked AT&T Sales Workbook Provides New Apple iPhone Highlights

safariiphoneman.jpgThe folks over at MacRumors received scans of a leaked copy of AT&T's workbook they are providing to their sales force to help them pitch the upcoming Apple iPhone to prospective customers. The scans were provided by an individual that reportedly does not work for AT&T or Apple, but somehow had access to the workbook. Provided the scans are legitimate, and they do appear to be, they offer up some interesting tidbits, the most noteable of which are:

- browse the web and talk at the same time
- browse multiple websites at once (ala Tabbed browsing)
- threaded SMS conversations
- no MMS support
- weather and stock widgets included

The 14 scans offer an interesting view of the iPhone and it's feature set. They are definitely worth checking out. For a more detailed summary of the scans and full access to the scans themelves, go view the original post at MacRumors.com.



The threaded messaging is very welcome news! I absolutely *LOVE* that feature on the Treo and miss it not that I don't have it anymore.

Wait - does this mean you could be on speakerphone while browsing a website?

Yes, that's exactly what it means.