How to Fix iPhone iOS 4.1 Battery Life Problems

Some unlucky iPhone users got the short end of the battery life after updating to iOS 4.1. Users have reported battery life issues among other problems with prior firmware updates (remember iPhone OS 3.1?) but now some running iOS 4.1 are seeing their battery percentage drop to zero within hours.

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Online discussion forums are hopping with activity from iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS users complaining of shortened battery life and warm phones running iOS 4.1. Some reports have suggested that errant processes are running in the background constantly and draining the battery power. Bugs in the modem firmware, tethering software, and Game Center have all been cited as possible causes of the issue.

If you're not interested in shutting down several great features of your iPhone to extend and maximize your battery life until the next Apple firmware update is released, one or more of the following fixes should solve the problem.

1. The easiest thing to try is to open the Game Center app. Log out of your account. Exit the app then double-click the home button to bring up the multitasking dock. Hold down on the Game Center app until the icon wiggles and a red circle appears. Touch the red circle to quit the app completely.

2. Some suspect that other apps could be causing the problem. Make sure all of your apps are updated to the latest version on your iPhone. Do this using the update button in the App Store or with iTunes on your computer. After updating turn the iPhone off by holding the sleep button and sliding to power off. Turn your device back on and see if there's any improvement. Some apps that have not been updated for iOS 4.1 might have to be uninstalled from your iPhone.

3. See if any apps are abusing Location Services. Turn off some or all of the apps running Location Services to check if one of them is causing the battery drain. Settings -> General -> Location Services will give you a list of the apps that recently asked for permission to use Location Services.

4. Close open Safari windows. Touch the red circle on each open browser window to close the page. You can also quit the Safari app by double-clicking the Home button until the multitasking dock appears. Hold down on the Safari app until it wiggles and press the red circle to quit the app.

5. Do you use Internet Tethering? There may be a problem with tethering constantly trying to connect. To switch tethering off navigate to Settings -> General -> Network -> Internet Tethering -> OFF. To make sure connection attempts are stopped turn off Wi-Fi temporarily. Settings -> Wi-Fi -> OFF. Exit Settings then turn Wi-Fi back on at your convenience.

6. Some report that a hard reset (or several) fixes the problem. To hard reset the iPhone hold down the sleep button and home button simultaneously until the iPhone shuts off and the Apple logo appears.

7. We're not sure if this one helps with iOS 4.1, however it has been reported to help with previous firmware battery problems. Let your iPhone battery run down so low that the device turns itself off automatically (usually sometime after it falls below 5%). Now plug the iPhone in to charge and let it charge fully to 100%. This will recalibrate the battery.

8. Email accounts and Push could be the culprit. Try turning off Push by navigating to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Fetch New Data -> Push -> OFF. Setting up email accounts can be a drag, but if turning off Push alone doesn't help this is the next step. With Push off, delete your email accounts by navigating to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Accounts (choose the email account) -> Delete Account. This will not delete your actual email messages!

When all of your email accounts are deleted reset network settings, then reboot your iPhone by holding the sleep button and sliding to power off. To reset network settings navigate to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings and confirm. Turn your iPhone back on and re-add each email account with Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Add Account. You can turn Push back on or test the battery life keeping Push off for the time being.

9. When all else fails you will need to restore your iPhone with iTunes. Plug the iPhone into the computer and sync everything. Afterwards, click the Restore button in iTunes with your iPhone selected in the left side menu. Make sure you select 'Set up as a new iPhone' when asked. This will wipe all of your settings and you'll have to re-sync music and contacts, etc. from iTunes when the process is complete. You will lose all of your progress to date in Angry Birds.

Although restoring as a new phone is more work, it's necessary to eliminate any problems in the backup that could be affecting battery life. Until Apple releases iOS 4.2 this November (or gets better at not messing up people's batteries during firmware updates) a full restore will probably be the best solution.


Full restore worked like a charm for two days. Now the battery problem is back.

I tried almost everything on this list since then EXCEPT the restore. Now I turned off 3G to see if that helps. C'mon Apple! Why does this happen with every update???

turning off 3g helps but its slow.

Try this. Double tap ur home button. This should show up all ur multi- tasking apps u have running in the background. Hold on the icons until they wiggle and stop them from running as if u were deleting them. I had 8 pages which is 32 apps running in the background. This should help with the battery drain according to apple support. GL :)

Thank you!! I had nearly all of my icons running! Terrible! :)

The new OS really killed the battery life of my phone. I get less than one hour from my battery now...and there is clearly something running all the time. And making phone calls? 50% of the time it just won't make the call and I get the Call Failed button.

I'm not pleased at all.

i get 1 hour if that of use!
my wife has also the same problem!!!!
apple!!!!! fix it!

my 3gs new bootroom was running fine and it was on 3.1.3,than i upgraded to 4.1, and now everytime when battery level needs to drop, or even grow,my 3gs reboots all by itself and that happens even on charger and connected to pc, only in lockscreen does not reboots,but the battery level remains the same for about 1 day but with no using iphone

Looks like time for a restore, sounds like you have a corrupt version of the iOS firmware installed.

Good luck!

I have the same problem - Apple needs to provide a bug fix to the software, not make us go through hoops to fix it ourselves! Where is the bug fix??

I charge my phone (3GS) overnight. My battery ran out by lunch time last Thursday and Friday. On Friday night I hard reset and closed all back grounded apps and synced to iTunes. On Saturday the phone lasted until 3pm. I took it to the Apple store and they replaced it. The battery appeared to be working fine on the new (refurbed?). On Sunday evening I restored the phone to the Friday's backup, iTunes forced me to upgrade the OS to complete the backup. Today (Monday) by 11am the battery was down to 40% battery.

Strange thing is, I don't recall installing or upgrading recently, why did this problem kick in last week? Secondly, and this might be a red herring, I noticed the new phone had an unusually high data transfer rate considering it's been active for less than two days. Could the new OS be transferring data over the 3G network more than it should?

You charge your phone overnight ! ! !...there that itself is enough to kill your battery. Since you have been doing this fro quite sometimes now no wonder your battery does not last. Your battery is probably toast by now. Charging the 3GS for three hours at most is enough to charge it fully, and as you said you charge it for say 8 then do you expect it to have a longer life ?

You charge your phone overnight ! ! !...there that itself is enough to kill your battery. Since you have been doing this fro quite sometimes now no wonder your battery does not last. Your battery is probably toast by now. Charging the 3GS for three hours at most is enough to charge it fully, and as you said you charge it for say 8 then do you expect it to have a longer life ?

I don't think Apple doesn't have features like auto-disconnect charging when the battery reach 100% like the other Cellphones.

4.0 was the best ios.

i think we should demand that they start signing ios 4.0 until the problem is fixed. I am not happy paying £60 a month for a phone that i can't have away from a power source for more than an hour. It is ridiculous, i cant even put my sim in another phone as it wont fit grrrrrr!!!

Learn to use the device correctly and you pry won't have a problem. I bet if you were to actually check the setting in your phone and treat it like a smart phone not a standalone you'd pry understand how the battery works. You fail loser

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I pass from 4.01 to 4.1 and have same problems. Try anything from re-jailbreak to hard reset and nothing. Today I charged in the morning and start to drop fast the battery meter, so I connect the earphone and start to listen music via ipod and realized that the battery meter stop to drop. Now it's ok , charged to 100% and drop 1% every hour aprox. without do anything. Hope this "tip" works for you.

Had an iPhone 3GS, upgraded to iOS 4.21 recently. Initially the battery went from 100% to zero in 7 hours doing nothing, no apps running.

Did a network reset. It worked ! Now with Push email running, no problem.

I found the solution,

if you have unlocjed iphone with some other carrier, you need to sync you phone with a "t-mobile" SIM with iTunes.

Otherwise, the phone is constantly trying to do "something" and he it is making big internet traffic.

When you do this proces, you can use any SIM card, and the battery will be fine.

Hope it works for you.

I have fixed the battery drainage problem

My iPhone is 3GS with iOS 4.1 and BB 6.15.0.
I tried to fix the battery problem with SAM but failed.
That day I tried to fix YouTube problem by installing PushFix from iphonemodding (from more package sources in cydia) and it fixed the YouTube as well as the battery drainage problem.

Now my iPhone is good as new.

I hade same problems with my iPad and I found this fix myself which worked like a chrm for me -

Thank you very much for this, new to the iPhone and didnt know about double tapping the home button for the multi tasking thing, was wondering why my battery was being drained so quickly, turns out all the apps ive ever used were still being ran in the background, very helpful, thanks again

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