How can I forward a SMS text message?

How can I forward a SMS text message?

UPDATE: Click here for instructions on how to forward a text / SMS / iMessage on iPhone.

For iPhones using firmware 3.0 or higher, forwarding of SMS messages is a built in feature. To forward a text message, simply

1) view the SMS text message conversation containing the message you'd like to forward
2) tap EDIT at the top of the screen
3) check off the message(s) you'd like to forward
4) tap FORWARD at the bottom right of the screen

For those using older firmware, there is a third-party application for the iPhone, iSMS (or weiSMS), with which it is possible to send text messages to multiple individuals as well as forward text messages. Find out more here.


Does this app really work. Its got a lot of bad reviews.

no it doesnt!!!!

Really works on the 3GS. However, my question is: how do you auto forward the sms?

Hi did u find a solution to AUTO-FORWARD text messages without having to do it manually? I.e if phone A is switched off, in a different country even, it will still forward texts to phone B.


i agree with u there is not a perfect reviews.

Try this video tutorial on forwarding Textsl!!

Easy - Do a screen capture and email the photo of the text.

That's a really poor solution - you canot then use the text anymore!
Rubbish iPhone

rubbish iphone wouldnt know a good mobile if it bit you ...problem solved read below

You can forward with iPhone 3.1. Open the text, select edit, check the texts from the thread you want to forward and select forward.

THANK YOU!!!!!!! Could not figure that out for the life of me!!!!!

THANK YOU!!!! I have been trying to figure that out for months!!!!!

when u read all that crap above ur thread about not being able to forward a txt on the iphone and then u read ur thread and it ends up so simple were are these other people coming from .......thanks for solving the problem

wow that was easy... thanks for the tip

Thank you!!!! That was so easy, yet they make it so hard for people to find!!

I want to forward a picture and a song along with the picture...I do the edit but when I select the picture AND the song it no longer gives me the option to forward...It lets me do one or the other but not both?? What am I doing wrong?

I'm supposed to RTFM but I was too lazy but I found the solution here. Thanks :)

Why is it that if you have more than 2 bubbles, say one with graphic, one with media, and one with text you can't sent all three, because when you click on 2 of them, forward lights up, but when you click on the third one, it fades out and won't let you send...anyone else have this problem?

Nope I can select over a dozen messages to forward, all at one time.

Lies.. you can't forward sound and pic at the same time

I have the same problem if u or any one else knows how to fix this or what app will fix this let me know.

let me know becuase i am having the same probelm....

i am having the same problem. try to forward a pic with some funny audio and have to send them separately, which in turn makes it not so funny.

Copy and Paste it in NOTES.

send the notes to email.


The iPhone now does both forwarding and mass texting. Mass texting is native to the phone, just hit the + sign over and over and add as many contacts as you wish. Text forwarding is unfortunately only available after jailbreaking your phone using ZiPhone and then downloading the third party app SMSD or iSMS.

When I hit forward, the text I'm trying to forward doesn't come up. A window opens for me to select who to send text to, but the text to forward isn't there & the send button is not white & blue, just blue. Please help!

iPhone won't forward a text to email if imessage is on. It just won't work. With the most recent iOS upgrade (6.1.2) even disabling imessage doesn't help. I hit edit, tap the text, tap forward, choose the email address and send it. This used to work. Now the email never arrives. How can I forward a text to email?

Open the text, tap 2x the text chose copy, then open new message, tap 2x text box chose paste.

Finally able to forward a text message. Never been to this site before but it seems to be the only place to get answers. Thanks