Purchase an iPhone 3G for $149

Best Buy has announced that the 8GB iPhone 3G will sell for only $149. What's the catch? These are refurbished devices. Similar 16GB models will sell for $249. Both of these deals represent a $50 savings over new retail prices.

All discounted phones will be sold with a 2-year service contract from AT&T and a standard one-year warranty. The devices will be in "like-new operating condition," meaning they have been returned by users within the 30-day trial period. Best Buy also offers an additional two-year Geek Squad Black Tie Protection plan.

Why won't my iPhone learn curse words? Can I force it to?

Back in the early days of the first generation iPhone, the iPhone was a liberal, open-minded hippie device that would learn any word you threw at it. The iPhone dictionary, like it does for most words now, would adapt to even the filthiest word you could muster after you had turned down its suggested correction 3 times. However, somewhere along the line -- Rupert Murdoch, the Waltons (of Wal-Mart, not TV), or maybe the people who own Blockbuster Video -- got a hold of the iPhone dictionary and blacklisted words they considered offensive.

Review: Z.buds iPhone Earbuds by ZAGG Audio

Sometimes it's easy to forget that the iPhone is capable of producing quality audio. If you're going to spend money on accessories, a headphone upgrade is essential. The stock earbuds are functional, but let's face the facts. The white plastic earbuds that everyone wears don't sound that great. They're not very comfortable to wear for long periods, and the cord gets tangled after two seconds in a jacket pocket. Getting a pair of Z.buds is like getting a whole new iPhone. Let me tell you why.

Rumor Roundup: $99 iPhone Coming to Wal-Mart?

The rumors have really flown this time. The iPhone 3G did not make it to Wal-Mart by the November 15th date previously reported here. However, it is now confirmed the product will be hitting shelves by the end of December. Some say the store is aiming for a pre-Christmas launch, others expect the iPhone to start selling there on December 28th.

Training materials distributed to Wal-Mart employees have pricing of the 8GB iPhone set at $197. However, employees have described a $99 4GB model to reporters at the New York Post and the San Jose Mercury News. Could it be a total fabrication?

How to Downgrade From iPhone Firmware 2.2

Many users have been reporting problems with the iPhone firmware 2.2 upgrade from Apple. It may be that the best way to solve these problems is to take a step back and downgrade to firmware 2.1. Others inadvertently upgraded their phones when syncing to iTunes on their computer and for whatever reason would like to revert.

The process is relatively simple and should bring back the 2.1 version OS to your iPhone. Performing these steps on an iPhone 3G may work, however this article does not cover reversing the 3G baseband update included in firmware 2.2. Remember, taking these steps is at your own risk, and any hacking of the iPhone could render your remaining warranty invalid.


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