What can Apple Watch do offline?

Apple Watch

Apple Watch connectivity depends on built-in Wi-Fi, pairing with a nearby iPhone, and in some models a cellular network data plan. What happens when Apple Watch goes offline?

The Apple Watch can perform many functions offline, if the device becomes disconnected from wireless internet access or your iPhone is not available. Here is a list of what Apple Watch can do offline:

How to see cell signal strength number on iPhone

Field Test Mode iPhone

The iPhone status bar delivers timely information in a user-friendly format. Cell phone signal strength is one of the metrics delivered quickly to users with a simplified bar graph. Fewer, smaller bars means a weaker signal strength, while more bars indicates the opposite. Of course, the better your iPhone signal strength on LTE or 5G the faster data is transferred. Stronger signal strength from a connected cell tower delivers increased call and video streaming quality to your device.

Hulu gains SharePlay support on iPhone

Hulu iOS

Hulu fans can now host virtual watch parties on FaceTime thanks to SharePlay support on the iPhone and iPad. The official Hulu app for iOS now delivers shared app experiences via Apple SharePlay, which means multiple people in different locations can watch the same streaming content in sync with each other. All parties in the FaceTime call must be subscribers to Hulu to watch the same show or movie.


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