Another Skype Leak: Further Proof of Verizon iPhone in January 2011?

The iPhone news mill was awash Friday with word of a leaked Skype help document that indicated that Skype would soon be bringing video chat capabilities to their iPhone and still-in-development iPad apps. Shortly after word of the document began to spread, Skype kind-of-sort-of pulled the document from their web site.

skype video chat iphone verizon
UPDATE: Verizon iPhone 4 is official. Click here for Verizon iPhone launch dates and details.

UPDATE: For answers to Verizon iPhone launch questions, read our feature: Verizon iPhone Launch: Stuff You Need to Know

Christmas Day, surprisingly enough, brings further proof of the coming video chat capabilities for Skype on the iPhone through the surfacing of a new Skype help document (seen above). However, perhaps more importantly, this new document (seen above) adds more fuel to rumors of a Verizon iPhone coming in early 2011. Though the placement of side-by-side Verizon and Skype logos adorning a help document regarding video chat with the Skype iPhone app doesn't necessarily prove anything, it is at the very least quite a bit of food for thought.

Video chat on iOS devices via Skype could translate into hefty competition for Apple's FaceTime, given the fact that Skype's video chat would span multiple operating environments, while FaceTime is limited to Apple's iOS devices. According to the aforementioned Skype help document, iPhone users would be able to video chat with Windows, Mac OS X and other iOS device users.

Is Skype in-the-know about the widely rumored Verizon iPhone launch come January 2011, or is this a meaningless misplacement of a logo on a help document? Only time will tell. As long as it stays up, you may or may-not be able to access the leaked document here on Skype's web site.


Remeber the Iphone 4 is not a 4g phone, for verizon to release an ipone 4g a new iphone would have to be released for the verizon network that was 4g capable, this would mean Steve Turtleneck having another anoucement as well becuase that means a whole new iphone from apple.

Kinda like when Apple opened a web store only after jailbreaking happened, because Apple's original plans were for app makers to make web apps that ran in Safari.

Apple will release the iPhone on Verizon in early 2011, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. More:

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