iPhone Crash Reporter Helps iOS Jailbreak Efforts

The cat and mouse game between Apple and jailbreakers never stops. Chronic Dev Team announced they had already found several exploits that could possibly be used in a future iOS 5 jailbreak, however Apple quickly patched these exploits before the public release of the firmware. One of Apple's weapons in the arsenal against jailbreaking is the log of crash reports that is automatically sent from iTunes that serves to identify possible exploits.

Chronic Dev Team Crash Reporter dialog

Chronic Dev Team is trying to stop Apple from finding out about these potential jailbreak opportunities by circumventing the automatic crash reports from iOS. Efforts to complete an untethered iOS 5 jailbreak are in progress, and Chronic Dev is asking for everyone's help to keep potential exploits away from Apple.

It may sound complicated, but thanks to Chronic Dev a new application called CDevReporter can be downloaded directly from Chronic Dev Team for Mac and Windows computers. According to Chronic Dev:

All this program requires from you is to attach your iOS device to your computer and click a single button!

At this point, the program copies all the crash reports off your device (which, under normal circumstances, would be sent right back to Apple), and instead sends this data to a secure, private server hosted by your friendly Chronic Dev team. Next, our program proceeds to neuter your copy of iTunes, simply by changing your settings to prevent your computer from sending any further diagnostic information from your device to Apple.

These crash reports help Chronic Dev pinpoint vulnerabilities in programs and focus intently on only the apps that have the most potential to lead to future untethered jailbreak solutions for all iOS devices. The concept goes like this - instead of Apple receiving all of the data about your mobile operating system and its weaknesses, Chronic Dev receives the information instead, and uses it to get a leg up on Apple for the next jailbreak.

Chronic Dev is clearly tired of their efforts being thwarted by Apple's crash reports, and has made a bold move to circumvent the problem. If you have any interest in accelerating the development of an iOS 5 untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S you should consider installing the CDevReporter on your computer today.