Get a Reversible USB Lightning Cable Now

Rumors are flying that Apple plans to release a Lighting cable with a fully reversible USB plug connector alongside the iPhone 6. This would bring the convenience factor of dual orientation connectors to both ends of the Lightning cable, saving users plenty of time in the process. After all, when left to chance, current USB plugs are turned the wrong way 50 percent of the time.

reversible Lighting USB cable

This frustration becomes a thing of the past with a simple design change. Instead of using a thick plastic core that fills half of the USB plug, connection pins are provided on both sides of a thin center plate. With this redesigned USB cable, the probability of getting it right every time is 100 percent. What is possibly the most incredible fact about this redesign is how long it took for a manufacturer to bring the concept to market.

There's no reason to wait for the next generation iPhone. Truffol now offers a standard 3.3-foot reversible USB Lightning cable for $9.99. Free shipping, a 30-day return period and a 90-day warranty are all included. The cable looks identical the Apple version, and even supports 2.4A high-current charging for iPads.

While the cable is not an officially MFi (Made for iPhone) licensed product, 9to5Mac reviewed the cable and it passed with flying colors. Truffol claims the product is the first-ever reversible USB Lightning cable.

Apple filed a patent for its own reversible USB connector last year. Look for more Lightning cable news to hit at the Flint Center Apple media event coming on September 9th.