Square Enix announces Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key and more at E3 2015

Lara Croft Go

Square Enix today announced three new mobile titles at its E3 2015 press conference: Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key, Lara Croft Go and Final Fantasy VII. Here's what we know about all three games:

Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key, which was originally announced for Japan, will also be released in the US for both iOS and Android. This is the first Kingdom Hearts game specifically designed for mobile devices, but it's story will link to Kingdom Hearts 3. The game will include numerous Disney characters and feature a 2D art style. Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key will launch in Japan in 2015. No North American release date has been announced.

Following in the footsteps of Hitman Go, Square Enix Montreal is working on Lara Croft Go. The official YouTube description describes the game as, "a turn-based puzzle experience set in a long-forgotten world, delivering gorgeous visuals, a mesmerizing soundtrack and challenging gameplay". Laura Croft Go will be available on smartphones and tablets "later this year".

Square Enix also announced that Final Fantasy VII will be ported to iOS devices. The mobile release will not be the remake of the game, which was also announced at E3 2015, instead it will just be a port of the original PlayStation release. Square Enix did not announce a price or release date.

Update: Here's the Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay Trailer: