Where to find the official HomePod User Guide

HomePod User Guide

Despite the fact that Apple products are mostly intuitive and self-explanatory, it can still help to read the directions. For anyone looking to expand their knowledge of the HomePod and its many capabilities, the official User Guide from Apple is the definitive source of all things HomePod. You won't find the HomePod guide on iBooks, only on the web.

The official HomePod User Guide can be found here:


Like most web-based support resources, the HomePod User Guide is fully interactive to make the information you seek readily available. There are two ways to navigate the guide.

  1. Once the HomePod User Guide is open, click or tap the Table of contents for a list of subjects covered.
  2. HomePod User Guide contents
  3. Alternatively, you can use the Search button to enter a search term and deliver the relevant pages of the User Guide.
  4. HomePod User Guide Search

Whether you're new to the HomePod or a power user looking for new tricks, the official User Guide will be updated by Apple as new features become available.