iPhone XS camera bump grows in size

iPhone XS case with iPhone X

Those looking to re-use an older iPhone X case with a brand new iPhone XS may run into trouble. Cases designed to tightly fit around the rear camera bump are facing a change in size between models. While the difference is slight, the iPhone XS camera bump is larger in length compared to the camera on the previous model.

What's the difference?

According to Mac Otakara, the exact dimensions of each camera bump is as follows:

  • iPhone X: 24.13 mm X 11.26 mm
  • iPhone XS: 25.50 mm X 11.27 mm
  • Difference: 1.37 mm X 0.01 mm

As shown in the photo above from Mac Otakara, the 1.37 mm difference in height can be seen when placing an iPhone X into a new iPhone XS Leather Case from Apple. In the photo, the slight increase in width (0.01 mm) looks to be exaggerated with this particular case design.

What about depth or thickness?

Both the iPhone X and iPhone XS cameras have the same depth, so there's no change in thickness when comparing the two models. If your older case was thick enough to prevent the iPhone X camera from touching a tabletop, for instance, then it will continue to to the same job with an iPhone XS installed.

Ultimately, if you're upgrading to iPhone XS from the iPhone X, the only way to be sure is to try installing the old case. But don't be surprised if the iPhone XS camera has a difficult time fitting into a smaller iPhone X camera cutout.