Best Lightning cables for charging iPhone

Anker Lightning cable red MFi

There's no shortage of Lightning to USB cables for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. While some of the new iPhones are equipped with wireless charging, a cable still comes in handy for charging and syncing to a computer. With so many Lightning-compatible cables on the market, how can one choose the best value cable for the money?

MFi Certified

Anyone searching for an iPhone charging cable should check for the official Apple MFi stamp. This means a cable or accessory has licensed technology from Apple and is certified to work properly with your iPhone or iPad. There are many cheap knock-off Lightning cables. Without the MFi label these wires can cause problems with your device or not sync properly.

Poor quality cables will not last as long as the stock Apple cables, and the Lightning plugs may be loose or not fit properly.

Anker: Best all-around cables

Anker cables are a significant improvement over the original Apple Lightning cables and they will save you money. There are different levels of cable available from Anker, ranging from lower-cost options to their premium braided cables with better durability.

Anker Powerline II Lightning Cable (6ft)

The Powerline II comes in three colors: Blue, Red, and Black. They are designed to last, tested for over 12,000 bends making them more than 12x more durable than typical cables. Powerline II also comes in 3ft lengths and 10 feet of Anker strength (available colors vary).

Anker Premium Double-Braided Nylon Lightning Cable (3.3ft)

Our favorite iPhone charging cable. Premium nylon is durable and has good looks in Red, Black or Silver. Anker has designed this cable to last over 5x longer than normal cables. This cable is a great value, combining excellent design with a reasonable price. Anker offers a 6ft version in premium nylon.

Anker Powerline Lightning Cable (6ft)

Anker offers its less expensive Powerline in several colors including Black, Blue, Space Grey, White and Red. The same flexible connectors and wide-diameter wires can be had at 3ft lengths. While this cable may look the most like a stock cable, the price is right for legendary Anker engineering.

Amazon Basics: Best budget cables

Amazon has its own brand when it comes to many basic cable needs, including Lightning to USB cables. Much like others, Amazon Basics come in various tiers. Braided nylon adds durability, but Amazon also delivers the least expensive replacement cable in five different colors.

Amazon Basics Nylon Braided (3ft)

Amazon's entry into the braided cable market is roughly half the price of the stock Apple cable. This version comes in matching colors for Apple hardware, such as Gold, Silver, Dark Grey and Rose Gold, and for more length the 6ft cord.

Amazon Basics Double Braided Nylon Lighting to USB A Cable (3ft)

Double Braided is Amazon's most durable Lightning cable. In addition to the braided colors above, the double braid also comes in red.

Amazon Basics Lightning to USB A Cable (3ft)

For a true budget cable that can be trusted with MFi certification, this entry from Amazon provides several colors: Black, Blue, Grey, Red, and White. These Lightning to USB cables also come in 2-packs, and the same cable in a 6ft length.

Native Union: Best premium cables

For those looking for fancier cables with a higher price to match, Native Union makes some of the more polished Lightning cables. Not only do they feature high durability, but Native Union cables come in a variety of premium colors with a unique real leather strap for cord storage.

Native Union Belt Cable - Ultra-Strong Reinforced Lightning to USB Charging Cable with Leather Strap (4ft)

Braided colors include Cosmos, Marine, Rose, Taupe, and Zebra. Native Union also delivers a 10ft version.

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