How to delete a list in Reminders

Delete list in Reminders iOS

The Reminders app on the iPhone makes it possible to organize several lists of things you need to remember. Creating a new list in Reminders is relatively straightforward, since there's a giant plus (+) symbol right in the app. For users of Reminders, there will also come a time when lists must be deleted.

While a list on the iOS Reminders app can be deleted from directly within the app, swiping the title of the list does nothing. How does one remove a list from Reminders on iPhone?

Follow these steps to remove an entire list in Reminders:

  1. Launch the Reminders app
  2. Chose a list by tapping the title
  3. Select list
  4. Touch the Edit button
  5. Edit list
  6. Tap Delete List at the bottom of the list
  7. Delete list
  8. Confirm to permanently delete the entire list
  9. Permanently delete

Once a list is deleted, it cannot be restored. See more instructions on how to create a new Reminders list, change the default list for Reminders on your iOS device, and share a list from Reminders with another person.