How to change the default list in Reminders

Reminders iOS icon

Creating new lists in the Reminders app can help keep everything organized. One of the great features of iOS is the capability to create reminders from content in other apps, or by dictating a reminder to Siri. iOS automatically puts these reminders into a default list. When first starting up iOS the default list is set to "Reminders".

This default list can be changed, but not from within the Reminders app. To change the default list in Reminders on iOS follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Reminders
  2. Default Reminders list
  3. Tap Default List
  4. Default Reminders list 2
  5. Select a list. The default list will be marked with a check
    Default Reminders list 3

Once the new default list is set, it will appear in Settings under Settings -> Reminders. Siri and other apps which add reminders will put new reminders on the default list.

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