How to share lists in Reminders

Reminders list iOS

Reminders on iOS provides an integrated way to keep track of to-do items and lists. Thanks to iCloud, lists can be shared with another person. Not only can a shared list be viewed by others, but the list can be edited as well. This means those with iCloud or using Family Sharing can actively collaborate on lists. In order to share lists, you must be signed into iCloud and the Reminders app must be enabled within iCloud settings.

Follow these steps to start sharing lists from the Reminders app on iOS:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store
  2. Share Reminders iCloud 5
  3. Tap iCloud
  4. Share Reminders iCloud 6
  5. Make sure Reminders is ON (green toggle)
  6. Share Reminders iCloud 7
  7. Launch the Reminders app. Open the list you wish to share and tap Edit
  8. Share Reminders iCloud
  9. Select Sharing
  10. Share Reminders iCloud 2
  11. Tap Add person
  12. Share Reminders iCloud 3
  13. Enter an email address or tap plus (+) to add from Contacts
  14. Share Reminders iCloud 4

Once confirmed, whenever the person you have shared with is signed into iCloud, they can view and edit the list. Learn how to make this list the default list for Siri and iOS, or how to create a new list.