iOS App of the Week: Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile

Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile

This is more of a public service announcement than a recommendation, because recommending two tapping games in one month could ruin our credibility. We topped our tapper quota earlier this month with Cat Condo, but I feel like we would be doing our readers a disservice by not mentioning that Always Sunny in Philadelphia now has a mobile game availble on the App Store.

Unfortunately, the Gang Goes Mobile is a tapping game, which means you basically follow along occasionally tapping some dirty money Frank is trying to launder. I admitelly didn't give the game much of a spin, because I rather be playing Golf Blitz, but it does look like Eastside Games did put some effort into capturing that Always Sunny spirit.

The Gang Goes Mobile is packed with Always Sunny references and characters such as Codpiece Dennis, Man-Spider Frank, Wildcard Charlie, Ostrich Dee and more. You can relive classic scenes or go on new adventures with the entire gang. The goal is to cook up as many money-making schemes as possible while exploiting customers at Paddy’s Pub and back stabbing each other.

Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile is available for free on the App Store.