How to use Safari extensions on iPhone

Noir Safari extension

Apple device users can enjoy web browser extensions on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Extensions bring added functionality directly to Safari in iOS 15 and later. The App Store offers many free and paid options for third-party extensions to make Safari more helpful. In this case, the extension Noir - Dark Mode for Safari ($2.99) is installed and configured. This extension brings dark mode, which is a black background and white text to any website.

To use extensions, your device must have iOS 15 or later installed. Follow these steps to install and use Safari web browser extensions on iPhone and iPad:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Safari
  2. iOS Safari extensions
  3. Tap Extensions
  4. iOS Safari extensions 2
  5. Choose an extension to enable. Find extensions to install by selecting More Extensions or search the App Store
  6. iOS Safari extensions 3
  7. Toggle the extension ON (green switch)
  8. iOS Safari extensions 4
  9. Scroll down to permissions and allow the extension to read and alter webpages you visit
  10. iOS Safari extensions 5
  11. From the search/address bar in Safari tap the Text/Extensions button
  12. iOS Safari extensions 6
  13. Tap an extension to view
  14. iOS Safari extensions 7
  15. Tap Done when finished
  16. iOS Safari extensions 8
  17. Enable and disable extensions by selecting Manage Extensions
  18. iOS Safari extensions 9
  19. Toggle extensions ON (green switch) or OFF (grey switch)
  20. iOS Safari extensions 10