How to use Safari extensions on iPhone

Noir Safari extension

Apple device users can enjoy web browser extensions on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Extensions bring added functionality directly to Safari in iOS 15 and later. The App Store offers many free and paid options for third-party extensions to make Safari more helpful. In this case, the extension Noir - Dark Mode for Safari ($2.99) is installed and configured. This extension brings dark mode, which is a black background and white text to any website.

How to connect Lyft to the Maps app with extensions

How to access Lyft from the Maps app.

With iOS 10 Apple has given third-party apps access to many of the iPhone's native apps, including Maps. By using extensions, features of third-party apps can be used directly from the Maps app, streamlining tasks like requesting a ride or making a restaurant reservation. Along with Uber and OpenTable, Lyft has quickly updated its app to integrate with Maps. If you are a Lyft user and want to link it to your Maps app, here's how to do it:

How to link OpenTable to your Maps app using Maps extensions

How to link OpenTable to Apple Maps with extensions.

With iOS 10 Apple has opened up more of its native apps to third-party developers through the use of extensions. Basically, an extension allows you to access features of its app through another app, thereby cutting out all of the unnecessary back-and-forth between apps. There are now several apps that integrate with Apple's Maps, including the popular restaurant reservation service, OpenTable. By using its extension you can simply tap on a restaurant on the map and make the reservation right there. Here's how to link OpenTable to your Maps app:

How to link Uber to your Maps app using Maps extensions

How to access Uber from the Maps app.

One of the major improvements introduced by iOS 10 is third-party app access to more native apps like Siri and Maps. Through extensions you can now access third-party apps directly from Maps instead of switching back and forth between apps, making it significantly more convenient for actions like ordering an Uber, making a restaurant reservation, reading reviews and more. Here's how to set up and use the Uber extension in your iPhone's Maps app:

Add Functionality to Your iOS 8 Photos App With These 4 Free Extensions

The ability to add extensions to apps such as Photos and Safari is one of the new features of iOS 8 that everyone should take advantage of. In a nutshell, they let you add third party app features to your native apps so you don't have to waste time switching between apps. For example, you can add an extension from a photo editing app to your Photos app on your iPhone or iPad, and then access those editing tools directly from Photos. Below are a few free extendable apps for your Photos app. (If you aren't sure how to enable extensions you can find instructions here.)

1. Paper Camera

Paper Camera is a free app that lets you add a variety of filters to your photos and, with its extension, you can edit photos from within your Photos app with just a few taps. There are 14 filters to choose from including cartoon, sketch, neon, noir, comic book and halftone among others, and you can fine tune the contrast, brightness and lines on each. If you are so inclined, a $0.99 per month subscription will get you a new filter every month and half price print orders.

extensions for iOS 8 Photos
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