How to watch Friday Night Baseball on Apple TV+

MLB on Apple TV+

Apple started broadcasting exclusive Major League Baseball content earlier this season. Every Friday, two regular season MLB games stream live on Apple TV+ and nowhere else. These games are available to all Apple TV+ subscribers across the US and several additional countries, along with live pre-game and post-game analysis.

In the US, Apple also offers MLB Big Inning each weeknight delivering highlights and analysis of games across the league. Not only this, but Apple TV+ subscribers can watch the All MLB, All Day channel which streams classic games, replays, and other MLB content. So how does a baseball fan watch Friday Night Baseball on Apple TV?

The key to watching Apple's exclusive MLB content is the Apple TV+ subscription. For those who already have signed up for Apple TV+ or have a free subscription with the purchase of a new Apple device, just launch the Apple TV+ app. Tap the Apple TV+ Originals tab and scroll down to Friday Night Baseball. Simply tap a game to tune in.

If it's too late to watch a game live, an on-demand replay is available along with highlight reels. Unlike some content providers, there are no local blackouts when it comes to Friday Night Baseball on Apple TV. For games that haven't yet started, selecting the game then tapping the plus (+) button will add the event to Up Next in the Apple TV+ app.

Don't have an Apple TV+ subscription? The service runs $4.99 per month and offers a free one-week trial period. Purchasing a new Apple device delivers three months of Apple TV+ free when redeemed within 90 days.

Don't have an Apple device? Apple TV+ can be streamed on non-Apple hardware such as smart TVs, consoles, or sticks using the Apple TV app. Content can also be streamed in a web browser at