Spotify reveals AI personal DJ

Spotify DJ

Spotify continues to personalize content delivery for its Premium subscribers with the launch of a new DJ feature. The DJ uses Spotify's recommendation technology to deliver a lineup of music based on your previous listening. The new feature expands upon existing customized playlists such as Discover Weekly and the annual Wrapped summary.

Not only this, but expertise from Spotify's music editors is delivered by DJ in a realistic voice while listening. DJ uses generative AI to offer insightful facts about the music, artists, or genres currently playing. The algorithm even looks back at songs that haven't been played for some time, reviewing everything and delivering a queue of songs tailored to your personal tastes.

The DJ feature is currently rolling out in beta to Spotify Premium users in English, in the US and Canada. To listen to the DJ:

  1. Launch Spotify and tap the card Play on the DJ in your Music Feed
  2. The DJ will play personalized music along with short commentary
  3. To change what's playing, tap the DJ button at the bottom of the screen