Apple iPhone 4: Coming to T-Mobile Soon?

Forget about Verizon Wireless. The next US carrier to get the iPhone 4 after the exclusive AT&T deal is over could very well be T-Mobile. Rumors of Apple negotiating with Verizon won't go away, however it seems more logical that T-Mobile could be the next step for iPhone.

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Analyst Shaw Wu at the investment firm Kaufman Brothers made waves when he said he expects a T-Mobile iPhone 4 to arrive this fall. T-Mobile has compatible network technology and handles a variety of smartphones on its network. In fact, its parent company already has iPhones on networks in Austria, Croatia, Germany and Holland.

Verizon Wireless is still running a CDMA network, unlike AT&T and T-Mobile's GSM technology. Taiwanese industry newspapers continually leak details about a CDMA iPhone but nothing concrete has appeared on the horizon yet. Apple, Verizon and T-Mobile of course will not comment on rumors or speculation.

The iPhone 4 would be a huge boost to T-Mobile, whose customer base has decreased in recent years due to stiff competition from the larger US carriers. Many iPhone owners who have jailbroken their devices choose to connect to the T-Mobile network as an alternative to AT&T.

According to T-Mobile's web site, their network reaches over 293 million Americans. Some other smartphones available on T-Mobile include the Garmin-Asus Garminfone, HTC HD2, myTouch 3G, and several BlackBerry models. T-Mobile made news when it launched the Google G1 Android phone in October 2008.


CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the new smartphone at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco

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