Apple Weekly News Roundup: Apple turns 40, releases iOS 9.3.1 update

iPhone SE

Apple celebrated its 40th anniversary last week, highlighting a history of innovation since its founding on April 1, 1976. As the company marked this milestone, investors and Wall Street analysts digested the iPhone SE release and the US dropped its encryption case against Apple. On the software front, iOS 9.3 was updated to fix a web link bug, and Nintendo released its highly-anticipated Miitomo app. Here are some top headlines from the week in Apple.

AAPL Outlook: Wall Street reacts to the iPhone SE, dividend hike next month

iPhone SE dock and leather case

Last week may have been a short trading week, however it was jam packed with fresh Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) news for stockholders. Apple stock opened Monday at $106.54 and dropped over a dollar after the iPhone SE media event as analysts digested the news. AAPL then surged on Tuesday, and hit its peak for the trading week at $107.28.

Share prices slid on Thursday, bottoming out at $104.95 before recovering to close the week at $105.67. After a loss of $0.87 (-0.82%) last week, AAPL started an upward climb on Tuesday morning. So what does Wall Street think of the lower-priced iPhone SE?

Apple Stock Weekly Outlook: Apple event later today, company issues bond

AAPL chart week ending March 18 2016

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) opened the week at $101.90 and continued its climb, peaking midday Thursday at $106.34. After slipping on Friday, Apple stock closed the week at $105.92 for a gain of $4.02 (+3.95%) over the five-day period. There is much anticipation for new product releases at today's media event, especially for the iPhone SE. This update to Apple's 4-inch iPhone is expected to boost iPhone sales around the globe. More headlines in the world of AAPL follow below.

Apple Stock Weekly Outlook: Bulls look ahead to new products

4-inch iPhone Touch ID

Apple stock (NASDAQ:AAPL) was almost completely level during the last week of trading, holding steady over $100. Closing on Friday at $102.26, share prices were down just cents from the open on Monday morning. Compared to the previous week's surge, AAPL is down slightly from its recent high of $103.68. The bulls are still dominating prognostications when it comes to Apple stock, although share prices reflect a wait-and-see attitude. Keep reading for a look at major news that could affect near-term AAPL prices.

Apple Stock Weekly Outlook: AAPL is back on track

AAPL chart week ending March 4

Apple stock (NASDAQ:AAPL) opened Monday at $97.14 and surged on Tuesday, closing over $100 for the first time in two months. After continuing to gain, share prices peaked Friday afternoon at 103.68 to finally close the week at $103.01. Overall, AAPL gained +$5.87 (+6.04%) on the week, outperforming the NASDAQ Composite. Analysts are generally bullish when it comes to recommendations. Here are some headlines that may affect AAPL over the coming months.


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