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App Store Expense Monitor Totals Your iPhone Costs

You may not want to know how much you've spent on apps since you picked up your first iPhone. After all, most of the cost in owning an iPhone is in the monthly data plan, right? App Store Expense Monitor will calculate your app total automatically.

The program is free and runs on Mac OS X 10.5 or later. Simply run the program and it scans your iTunes library to determine what apps you've already bought. The software then checks the current price of each application and outputs a total cost.

Stick to Your New Year's Resolutions With Lose It!

Gained a few pounds over the holiday season? Your iPhone could help you shed some weight next year after you've made the annual New Year's resolutions.

iphone app lose it

Lose It! tracks calorie consumption, nutrition and progress towards your weight goals all in one handy, free iPhone application. There's even a feature where you can connect with friends for support and motivation.

Get Sherlock Holmes on Your iPhone

With all the buzz over the latest Sherlock Holmes feature film there are more options than ever for iPhone owners to enjoy the books. Since they were written 100 years before the first Macintosh computer, the texts are in the public domain.

iphone ebook reader

With an ebook reader application like Stanza, digging into these great classic stories on your iPhone is completely free. A Study in Scarlet, the first story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to feature Holmes, is only 1029kB.

How to Guarantee Your iPhone App is Rejected

Looking for a sure bet that Apple will reject your iPhone application? Try developing an app that does nothing but promote an iPhone competitor.

iphone app rejection

Swavv Apps entry in this category was called iDroid. Run the app and touch the "droid eye" photo in the center of the screen and iDroid will show you what your the iPhone is missing.

Xbox Live iPhone App: 360 Live

360 Live has hit the App Store and brings full Xbox Live account controls to the iPhone. The application allows you to sign in securely using your gamertag and manage almost everything.

iphone app 360 live

The app automatically retrieves your friends' Xbox Live stats in real time including their avatars, gamerscore and online status. You can send and receive messages right on your iPhone.


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