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Apple to Allow Explicit iPhone and iPad Apps on iTunes

According to a new report by AppleInsider, Apple is going ahead with plans to include an explicit category in iTunes for software titles. The issue of adult content on the App Store has received much attention lately after the removal of 5,000 apps deemed too low-brow for Apple's ever-shifting standards of decency.

apple iphone app store explicit

Shortly afterwards, reports surfaced that Apple was working on an explicit category with parental controls. These categories were pulled by Apple and the rumors of plans for an adult section were debunked.

Record Video on Any iPhone With Camera Plus Pro

Now you can record videos on the original (2G) iPhone and iPhone 3G without jailbreaking. Camera Plus Pro enhances the photography experience on any iPhone running OS 3.1 or later.

apple iphone camera plus pro

Many iPhone owners were disappointed that firmware 3.0 only supported video recording on the iPhone 3GS. Now thanks to Global Delight Technologies anyone with an iPhone can record and share video.

Camera Plus Pro is available on the App Store for a limited time at 33% off regular price ($1.99). The app comes loaded with video recording, photo taking and photo editing features including:

iPhone App FeedLine Supports Google Buzz

The FeedLine 1.3 update is the first iPhone application to hit the App Store that supports Google Buzz public feeds. The app is primarily an RSS reader and goes for $0.99.

apple iphone feedline rss reader

FeedLine does not require a Google Reader account, and supports RSS, Atom, and Google Buzz formats. Real-time news alerts can also be configured for specific terms and delivered using FeedLine.

Google Buzz was recently announced and allows Google users to share photos, videos, and conversations in a social networking application similar to Twitter or Facebook.

Apple to Add Explicit Category to iPhone App Store?

After the controversial removal of over 5,000 apps from the App Store, Apple looks like it's going to change course on the issue again. Initially, the company sought to purge any overtly sexual applications due to customer complaints and its own decency standards.

apple iphone app store explicit

Apple has come under fire for hypocrisy as several apps such as Playboy, Victoria's Secret, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2010, FHM, and Maxim remain in the App Store while some developers' businesses evaporated overnight. In the meantime, Cult of Mac reports that a new category labeled "Explicit" has appeared to developers interested in submitting apps for approval.

App Store Now Allows 20MB 3G Downloads

In a move said to be preparation for the iPad release, Apple has doubled the App Store size limit on 3G cellular network downloads to 20MB. Previously users were prompted to use a Wi-Fi connection or iTunes to download applications larger than 10MB.

The change could put more bandwidth pressure on the AT&T network, however the company has been frantically working to improve speeds and capacity nationwide ahead of the iPad and 4G iPhone releases later this year.


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