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Record Your iPhone Screen Without Jailbreaking

Apple is sure to pull down the app Display Recorder any second, however you can download it now for $1.99 if you act fast. Although its video quality is inferior to the jailbreak app with the same name, this knockoff app will provide a useful feature for iOS users who aren't interested in jailbreaking their devices to capture screen video.

Display recorder app

Display Recorder rips off the name and many of the features of developer Ryan Petrich's app that has been available on Cydia for some time. Basically you open the Display Recorder app and press record. As you navigate back to the home screen everything you do on the iPhone is recorded, along with a soundtrack from the microphone.

Get iOS 6 Features Now: Keep App Store Open When Downloading

It may seem like a simple thing, but one great feature that Cydia has over the App Store is a queue. Several packages can be browsed and selected, then the whole list is installed at once. While this speeds up the process of installing apps, the App Store exits every time you download an individual app.

StayOpened utility

All of this is set to change in iOS 6. The revamped App Store will stay open and download apps in the background, so you can continue browsing. This avoids the whole process of having to reopen the App Store every time you install or update an app. Luckily if you have jailbroken your iPhone, you can add this functionality to the App Store right now.

Apple Announces 2012 App Design Award Winners

Apple has announced the 2012 Design Award Winners. The award recognizes the best in iOS and Mac app design. This year's winners were announced one day after Apple's WWDC keynote on the Apple developer page. It reads:

"Every year, Apple Design Award winners set new standards that inspire us all.
See how this year's winners stood out from the rest."

iPhone Apps

iPhone winners: Jetpack Joyride by Halfbrick Studios, Where's My Water by Disney and National Parks by National Geographic Society.

iPad winners: Bobo Explores Light by Game Collage, DM1 - The Drum Machine by Fingerlab and Paper by FiftyThree.

Mac winners: Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Ultimate Edition by Feral Interactive Ltd, Limbo by Playdead ApS, and Sketch by Bohemian Coding.

Student design winners: daWindci by Reality Twist GmbH, Mimimi Productions and Little Star by BiBoBox Studio.

Apple Asks iPhone Owners for Security Info on Home Screen

Apple has started to prompt iOS users to enter security questions in an effort to increase security for Apple ID accounts. The dialog box that pops up on the home screen may look suspicious, but the process is legit. The box reads "Security Info Required" and explains that a password confirmation is necessary.

iOS security questions iPhone

If you see the pop up, don't be alarmed, simply tap the Security Info button to make sure that Apple doesn't bother you again. This will forward you over to a Security Info screen, where you'll need to enter three separate security questions with answers.

AppMosaic Makes Finding Popular Apps Easier

iDownloadblog got an early look at a new and interesting app coming to Cyida. AppMosaic makes finding popular apps easier by displaying the top 400 applications and games in the Apple App Store.

iPhone Cydia Apps

The jailbreak tweak separates the apps into two columns: the top 200 paid apps on the left, and the top 200 free apps on the right. The app's name and developer info is displayed on a panel at the bottom of the screen when you tap any of the 400 listed icons. You can then load the app's official App Store page by tapping the displayed info.


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