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Be the First to Know Who Mitt Romney Chooses as His Running Mate

Apple and Android users who download the new Mitt's VP app will be the first to know who the Republican nominee chooses as his running mate for the 2012 election . Beth Myers, senior advisor to Romney made the announcement on Tuesday:

These last few months, I've had the privilege and honor of leading Governor Romney's search for a vice presidential running mate. While I won't be breaking any news today, I wanted to let you know how to be the first to get the VP scoop with our new Mitt's VP app. Just download the free app on your iPhone or Android device and when Mitt decides on his running mate, you'll get an exclusive notification of his VP selection before anyone else.

iPhone Apps

Romney supporters can download the free iOS app from the App Store, and sign in using their MyMitt or Facebook accounts to receive a notification when the announcement is made. MyMitt is a photo sharing app which allows you to customize photos with a variety of "Mitt-inspired artistic frames." It's also free to download from the App Store.

iOS 6 Will Not Require Credit Card for Free Apps

Ever wonder why Apple requires an Apple ID linked to a credit card to download free apps on the App Store? Obviously it makes sense when you're purchasing something, but there are so many free apps that many iPhone owners never buy anything.

iOS App Store

iDownloadBlog now says the latest beta of iOS 6 has dropped the requirement to sign in for free apps, meaning if you aren't interested in linking a credit card to your App Store downloads, you won't have to. This is a welcome change for many iPhone users watching their wallet, and their security.

Apple Pulls Malicious Russian Spam App

Apple has pulled a malicious app from its App Store after the Russian security firm Kaspersky Lab reported that it was a Trojan that uploads a user's contact info to the developer's servers.

"At first glance, this seemed to be an SMS worm spread via sending short messages to all contacts stored in the phone book with the URL to itself," explained Kaspersky Lab‘s Denis Maslennikov. "However, our analysis of the iOS and Android versions of the same application showed that it’s not an SMS worm but a Trojan that uploads a user’s phonebook to remote server. The ‘replication’ part is done by the server – SMS spam messages with the URL to the application are being sent from the remote server to all the contacts in the user’s address book.”

App Store Malware

The application mostly attacked Russian users, but it was available worldwide via the App Store and Google Play for Android devices. Kaspersky Lab reminded everyone that "there have not been any incidents of malware inside the iOS Apple App Store since its launch 5 years ago."

Five Great Food and Drink Apps

According to an email sent to iOS developers, Apple is adding a new dedicated "food and drink" section to its App Store. The new category will include “apps that help users cook and bake, mix drinks, manage recipes, find new restaurants and bars, and learn what their friends like to eat and drink”. Food & Drink won’t include diet, grocery shopping, coupon clipping, or food-related game apps”. Most of the food apps, which are normally listed under "Lifestyle" by their developers, will be automatically migrated to the new Food & Drink category starting on July 8th.

Food and Drink Apps

Here's a list of some popular apps that you should be able to find under the new "Food & Drink" section:

Chefs Feed (free for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) - A great app for Foodies or people who are overwhelmed when visiting major cities like San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. The app features over 100 famous chefs' favorite dishes, places to eat and it allows users to receive up to the minute updates via its live feed.

iOS App Store Arrives in 32 New Countries

It may seem like the App Store is everywhere, but Apple is still rolling out the service to various countries around the globe. The latest batch of 32 countries received App Store access last Thursday. Apple followed through on its WWDC announcement to add the countries, putting the total at 155.

iOS App Store

Last time we counted, there were 196 countries in the world. For those who don't feel like doing the math, this means Apple still has work to do to bring the iOS App Store to the remaining 41 countries on the planet. In the meantime, the App Store now offers 650,000 individual pieces of mobile software.


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