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iLingual: Put Your iPhone Where Your Mouth Is

Want to watch your own mouth speak a foreign language? If it sounds strange, that's because iLingual is not your typical iPhone phrasebook. First take a photo of the lips you'd like to see in action.

Once the photo is taken, you can select from a list of 400 phrases. The application will proceed to animate your mouth as it speaks the phrase in the foreign language. To "speak" to another person you hold the back of the iPhone up to your face.

Avoid the Crowds With iPhone Mall Maps

Looking to get in and out of your local mall as quickly as possible this holiday season? A new iPhone app from Medl Mobile will give you the tools to buy the goods and plan your escape. No more wandering, window shopping or searching for a map.

Mall Maps is worth $2.99 if you're looking for an efficient shopping experience. The Mall Maps database contains over 1,000 shopping centers in 50 states across the US. If you can't find the mall itself, this app will let you know where the closest malls are using GPS and give you directions.

iPhones Can Now Make Time Lapse Movies

Now with the Timelapser app your iPhone will easily record time lapse movies. The only problem might be keeping the iPhone still from frame to frame.

iphone app timelapser

The app is on sale at half price for a limited time so it's currently selling for 99 cents. Firmware 3.1 is required, however the app will work on any generation iPhone. Frames can be captured more frequently on the iPhone 3GS.

Lala iPhone App Changes Music Purchasing Forever

Would you buy a song if you could stream it an unlimited number of times from your iPhone or a web browser? Maybe not. What if the cost was only 10 cents? Not only does this free up your disk space, it's light on your wallet.

Lulu is counting on these two things to make them lots of money. They currently have 8.5 million songs in their library. Instead of having a music collection of files, everything you paid to play resides on remote servers until you demand a listen.

NBA League Pass Mobile Now on iPhone

40 live pro basketball games streaming directly to your iPhone every week? If you're a fan, NBA League Pass Mobile may be the ultimate basketball app.

iphone app nba

All of this streaming NBA action over 3G and Wi-Fi does come at a price. Total for the 2009-10 basketball season excluding tax is $39.99 in the App Store. Current NBA League Pass television subscribers don't get a break.


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