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Apple bumps up tvOS app size limit

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Developers can now offer app bundles up to 4 GB in size for Apple TV owners. Until Apple announced the change on its developer site, initial app downloads were limited to 200 MB. The change in policy means tvOS app binaries are now covered under the same 4 GB limit allowed for iOS apps. So what will this really mean to Apple TV fans who use the App Store?

Review: Happy Tennis brings the fun to Apple TV

Happy Tennis introduction

Ever since the first pong video game, tennis has been a classic way to play with friends. Developer Happy Labs has hit pay dirt with their Apple TV game Happy Tennis. Anyone familiar with Wii Sports will instantly recognize the style of gameplay here. Happy Tennis supports up to four players at the same time, just be sure to make enough room in front of the TV.

New iOS Remote app will replace Siri Remote

Siri Remote 2015

One of the highlights of the fourth-generation Apple TV is the Siri Remote. Compared to the previous Apple TV remote control, the Siri Remote vastly expands on its capabilities. In addition to a glass Touch surface for navigation and swipe gestures, the unit listens with dual microphones for voice commands. The Siri Remote even doubles as a gaming controller, with a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer. Apple has long offered the Remote app for iOS devices to get in on the action.

Report: Apple TV update coming in early 2016


The paint on the fourth generation Apple TV is hardly dry, but this hasn't stopped chatter in the supply chain from focusing on a refresh of Apple's set top box. According to Taiwan-based DigiTimes Apple is working on significant changes to the Apple TV, which could arrive in consumers' hands by spring.

BADLAND and Beat Sports now available for Apple TV


Customers who pre-ordered the new Apple TV this week will be able to download two games when their digital media players arrives this weekend. Frogmind announced today that its hit iOS game BADLAND is now available for the Apple TV 4, and Rock Band creators Harmonix Music Systems have also launched Beat Sports for the next-generation set-top box.

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