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What can Apple Watch do offline?

Apple Watch

Apple Watch connectivity depends on built-in Wi-Fi, pairing with a nearby iPhone, and in some models a cellular network data plan. What happens when Apple Watch goes offline?

The Apple Watch can perform many functions offline, if the device becomes disconnected from wireless internet access or your iPhone is not available. Here is a list of what Apple Watch can do offline:

How to restore Apple Watch from an iPhone

Apple Watch restore from iPhone

Apple Watch owners having firmware problems can now try recovering their wearable device directly from an iPhone. This wireless method, while not foolproof, can avoid a trip to Apple for service. If your Apple Watch freezes up, crashes during the update process, or stops working, it may prompt you to initiate a restore. To use this feature, the iPhone requires iOS 15.4 or later and the Apple Watch must be running watchOS 8.5 or later.

According to Apple Support:


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