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Do I have warranty coverage on my Apple Watch?

Apple Watch

Apple offers a one-year limited warranty on Apple Watch models. Purchasing AppleCare+ extends this coverage for another year, adding more services including accidental damage repairs. For those Apple Watch owners wondering if their devices are still covered under AppleCare+ or the original warranty, it's easy to find out.

Follow these steps to see the warranty status of Apple Watch:

How to download Spotify music to Apple Watch

Spotify Apple Watch

Spotify Premium subscribers can travel with their favorite music offline and away from their iPhones. The Apple Watch can download up to 100 songs per playlist for offline listening directly from the Apple Watch. AirPods or Bluetooth headphones can be connected directly to Apple Watch, taking the paired iPhone out of the loop completely.

How to use AirPods / Bluetooth headphones with Apple Watch

Apple Watch AirPods Bluetooth

Apple Watch can play audio directly to Bluetooth headphones, including AirPods. Once connected, any sounds played on Apple Watch such as streaming audio or phone calls are sent directly to the headphones. This means the Apple Watch can be used with AirPods or other Bluetooth devices independently of its paired iPhone.


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