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How to find an iPhone from Apple Watch

Apple Watch SE

The fact that every Apple Watch pairs to an iPhone has its advantages. Besides constantly sharing connectivity and data between the two devices, this link can be helpful in certain situations. Finding a misplaced iPhone can often involve going to a computer or iPad to launch the Find My app. From there, the iPhone can be seen on a map or placed into Lost Mode.

How to fix Apple Watch with blank screen

Apple Watch Series 6 blank screen issue

Some Apple Watch owners are experiencing a problem where the screen goes blank and never comes back. The permanently blank screen issue has affected a small percentage of Apple Watch units manufactured between April and September 2021. Only Apple Watch Series 6 models in the 40mm size have displays that turn off and stay off due to this problem.

What can Apple Watch do offline?

Apple Watch

Apple Watch connectivity depends on built-in Wi-Fi, pairing with a nearby iPhone, and in some models a cellular network data plan. What happens when Apple Watch goes offline?

The Apple Watch can perform many functions offline, if the device becomes disconnected from wireless internet access or your iPhone is not available. Here is a list of what Apple Watch can do offline:


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