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Patent hints at Apple Watch camera band

Apple Watch camera band patent

The dream of a completely self-contained Apple Watch came closer to reality with the addition of cellular data. While many functions of the iPhone can be accomplished with just the watch, taking photos is conspicuously absent. Third-party accessories which add a camera to the Apple Watch are available, but Apple has raised eyebrows itself with a recently awarded patent.

How to mute your Apple Watch with the palm of your hand

Apple Watch Silent Mode

If you have Sounds & Haptics dialed up on your Apple Watch it may ding you at inappropriate times, like business meetings or at the movies. Sometimes turning the volume down by navigating to your Sounds & Haptics settings may not be an option, so you need a quicker solution. This is why Apple has added its "Cover to Mute" feature -- a quicker way to silence your Apple Watch. Just hold your hand over your Watch face for 3-seconds to enter Silent Mode. Your Watch will tap you on your hand to let you know the feature has been enabled.

How to enable fall detection on the Apple Watch

Apple Watch Fall Detection

The Apple Watch Series 4 (and later) offers fall detection to help users in case of falls. This is a great feature for the elderly and other people who are a fall risk. When enabled, your Apple Watch will tap you on the wrist and sound an alarm when it detects a hard fall. You can then contact emergency services by tapping the alert on your Watch, or dismiss the alert by pressing the Digital Crown, tapping Close in the upper-left corner, or tapping "I'm OK."

Sleep analysis coming to Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Apple plans to add sleep tracking capabilities to the Apple Watch. Despite its many health monitoring features, including a built-in ECG function, the Apple Watch requires daily charging. With most users charging the wearable overnight, this prevents the device from being worn to analyze sleep patterns. Competing wearables such as Fitbit, Garmin and Withings boast multi-day battery life, allowing these devices to be worn overnight.


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