Auxo Legacy Edition Released on Cydia

The jailbreak tweak Auxo has been around for some time. Several iterations have brought an innovative look and feel to app switching and the iOS Control Center. In fact, Auxo pioneered the use of app preview cards which finally made their way into stock iOS 7. Auxo Legacy Edition eliminates some of the flair found on later versions in favor of the simplicity and speed of the original.

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Once installed, Auxo is accessed by invoking the Control Center with a swipe up from the bottom of the display. Instead of the stock toggles and controls, Auxo presents a built-in app switcher with card previews. Swipe left and right to view the most recently used apps, then use preconfigured gestures to launch an app or dismiss. All apps can be exited with a tap and hold. The standard Control Center interface is also accessible in what's called Auxillary Pages.

Auxo 3 Updates the Look and Feel of iOS 8

Since its release two years ago, Auxo has been a must-have tweak for jailbreakers. Now in its third iteration, Auxo 3 launches with full iOS 8 and iPhone 6 Plus support. For those not familiar with Auxo, this jailbreak tweak radically changes the app switcher and reduces the need to press the physical home button.

iOS 8.1 jailbreak Auxo 3

Three main components make up Auxo 3, and these are reflected in the settings. The Multi-Center, Quick Switcher, and Hot Corners make up the bulk of Auxo. In addition, there are advanced options to customize the experience. Once installed, Auxo provides a refined look and feel that blends in perfectly with stock iOS 8 functionality and appearance.

Auxo 2 in Development, Here's the Preview

The original Auxo is a must-have jailbreak tweak for iOS 6. Besides improving app switcher functionality, Auxo brought a fresh design to the firmware that took advantage of the larger iPhone 5 display. Apple has since integrated similar app cards into iOS 7, showing a thumbnail of each app screen when switching apps.

iOS 7 Auxo 2 preview

Now designer Sentry is working on a sequel for iOS 7 appropriately named Auxo 2. The tweak is currently in development and should be released later this month. When it comes to Auxo 2 functionality, Sentry released screenshots and the Vine videos below to keep jailbreak fans on the edge of their seats.

Must Have iOS 6 Jailbreak Tweaks: Auxo

Looking for some great tweaks to get the most out of your iOS 6 jailbreak? Well if IntelliScreenX is Notification Center as it should be, then Auxo does the same for the app switcher. Auxo makes great improvements in the multitasking dock and takes advantage of the larger iPhone 5 display size.

Auxo iOS 6 tweak

The first thing you'll notice after installing Auxo is that each app in the switcher is displayed with a preview of its screen. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, these icons can be manipulated easily. Swipe one of the previews down and it's removed from the multitasking bar. Hold down on one and you will be prompted to remove all apps from the bar at once.

Auxo Tweaks Multitasking on the iPhone

We recently took a look at jLauncher, which upgrades the stock multitasking dock into a full screen control center. Although there are many of these tweaks available, Auxo brings app switcher redesign to a new level. The idea for Auxo was originally just a concept, but designer @Sentry_NC has teamed up with developers to make the iOS tweak reality.

Auxo tweak multitasking iOS

Auxo replaces the normal multitasking dock icons with versatile app cards. Besides offering a preview of each app, they can be removed by simply swiping down. No more holding an icon and tapping red circles individually. Tapping and holding one app card will give you the option to remove all multitasking and recently opened apps at once. Auxo will even remind you that an app is doing something in the background, such as playing music, and confirm the exit.

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