Easy to Use Bluetooth Toggle Still Available in the App Store

In case you missed it, the jailbreak-like application Bluetooth OnOff is still available in the iTunes App Store. Even though the app seems to be in violation of Apple's App Store guidelines, it has managed to survive for six days now. It's unknown whether Apple will pull the app or let it remain, but to be safe, you should probably act quickly.

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Bluetooth OnOff offers a simple solution to one of the biggest iPhone complaints -- the ability to activate and deactivate your bluetooth easily. Normally a user must navigate to Settings/General/Bluetooth/Toggle to switch their bluetooth on or off. This application saves you time by allowing you to toggle your bluetooth settings just by launching the app. It also offers some kind of bluetooth chat option, but most iPhone owners will only be interested in the simple toggle feature.

New App Makes Turning Your Bluetooth On and Off Much Easier

A new jailbreak-like app has snuck its way into the Apple App Store. Bluetooth OnOff allows you to activate or deactivate your bluetooth just by launching the app. This is much better than having to go to Settings/General/Bluetooth/Toggle to switch your bluetooth on and off. However, the app does access iOS settings which is a violation of Apple's app guidelines. This means it will probably be pulled.

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You can download the app for $0.99 in the iTunes App Store while it's still available. Bluetooth OnOff is compatible with the iPhone and iPad. It requires iOS 4.1 or later.

Withings iPhone Baby Monitor Makes U.S. Debut

Withings has finally brought their popular Smart Baby Monitor to the U.S.. The smart sensor allows parents to communicate with their baby by speaking through their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. It also detects sound, movement, temperature, humidity levels, and is capable of switching on/off lullabies.

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The Withings Smart Baby Monitor features a 3-megapixel camera with night vision, extra wide view lens and a 4X zoom. It can be controlled from anywhere using a Wi-Fi hotspot, Ethernet cable or even Bluetooth. The two way microphone allows parents to hear and speak to their baby from any room in the house. You can even set an alarm based on the baby's movement, audio levels or temperature in the room.

Can I use Bluetooth with the iPhone in airplane mode?

Yes, you can use Bluetooth with the cellular radio, GPS and Wi-Fi off. To enter airplane mode:

Navigate to Settings -> Airplane Mode -> ON

This turns off all radio activity including cellular antennas and Wi-Fi. Now while staying in airplane mode you can turn on Bluetooth only.

Navigate to Settings -> General -> Bluetooth -> Bluetooth ON

Your iPhone will now use the Bluetooth connection while keeping all other radios off.

iPhone Accessory Connects Directly to Your Car's Computer

Maybe you've never heard of OBD-II. Simply put, this On-Board Diagnostic system is a computer found on cars built after 1996. Now the data collected by this computer can now be accessed by the Griffin CarTrip On-Board Diagnostic Computer Reader. But why would anyone need this data on their iPhone?

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Well for one you can find out exactly why your "check engine" light is on by retrieving the code, even reset the lamp without going to a garage. This alone could save some money, but performance monitoring can help save gas, too.


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