iPhone Accessory Connects Directly to Your Car's Computer

Maybe you've never heard of OBD-II. Simply put, this On-Board Diagnostic system is a computer found on cars built after 1996. Now the data collected by this computer can now be accessed by the Griffin CarTrip On-Board Diagnostic Computer Reader. But why would anyone need this data on their iPhone?

apple iphone accessory CES 2011 griffin cartrip bluetooth obd

Well for one you can find out exactly why your "check engine" light is on by retrieving the code, even reset the lamp without going to a garage. This alone could save some money, but performance monitoring can help save gas, too.

How can I unpair / remove a Bluetooth device from my iPhone?

To stop using a Bluetooth device with the iPhone, or to use a different Bluetooth device, you must unpair the iPhone from the current Bluetooth device.

To unpair or remove a Bluetooth device from the iPhone:

1. Choose Settings -> General -> Bluetooth -> ON
2. Select the device and touch Unpair.

Your iPhone is now free to be paired with a different device.

How can I pair my iPhone with a Bluetooth device?

Bluetooth devices must be paired with the iPhone before use. Follow these steps to pair your Bluetooth device with the iPhone.

1. Make sure the Bluetooth device is set up to be discoverable or to search for other Bluetooth devices.
2. On the iPhone, choose Settings -> General -> Bluetooth -> ON
3. Choose the device on the iPhone and enter the passkey or PIN number for the device.
4. The Bluetooth device is now paired with the iPhone.

Bluetooth File Transfer on the iPhone Coming Soon

The crippling of Bluetooth functionality on the iPhone is another one of life's mysteries. As users are painfully aware, the only thing Bluetooth is capable of doing in firmware 2.2 is connecting to a wireless headset. Fortunately for those with jailbroken devices it appears that all of this is about to change.

iphone bluetooth

The iSpazio Repository will soon host software from the iBluetooth project allowing users to unlock Bluetooth on the iPhone and transfer files using a computer or another Bluetooth-enabled phone. This is only the tip of the iceberg. The Bluesn0w project promises to allow developers full access to Bluetooth on the iPhone.

Accessory Offers A2DP Bluetooth on the Apple iPhone

One of the still outstanding "head scratchers" regarding the Apple iPhone is the continued lack of support for the A2DP Bluetooth profile. Considering the iPhone's roots are in the iPod, a stereo music player, it is quite astounding that as we sit here already up to iPhone firmware 1.1.1, there is still no native support for A2DP. The good news is that this doesn't mean A2DP is unavailable to iPhone users.

For those of you unfamiliar with A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile), A2DP is a Bluetooth profile that allows for the wireless transmission of stereo audio from a source (i.e. a phone or computer) to an A2DP receiver (a set of Bluetooth headphones or stereo system).

8bananas a2dp dongle model 200db

Back to the good news. Though the iPhone itself does not support A2DP directly (at this time), all iPhone owners can still


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