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How do I share my location in Messages?

One of the many abilities of the Messages app is to share your location with others from your iPhone or iPad. To do this, tap the down arrow next to your contacts name, then tap the "info" button in the top right corner of the conversation screen. Here there are two options: "Send My Current Location" and "Share My Location." The first will send your location at that instant. The recipient(s) will see a map with your location tagged.

How to create contact groups on iPhone

How to create contact groups on iCloud for iPhone and iPad.

Grouping your contacts makes navigating them on iPhone much easier and allows you to message and email a multitude of contacts at once by allowing you to simply use the name of the group rather than typing in each individual every time. Unfortunately there is no way to do this on the iPhone itself without a third-party app. Apple prefers you to use iCloud to make contact groups which, once you created, will sync across all of your devices. Here's how to make a contact group with iCloud:

How to create a second Telegram account on iPhone

How to open a second Telegram account with Loopy on iPhone and iPad.

For those not familiar with it, Telegram is a popular messaging app with privacy features such as end-to-end encryption on "secret chats" that can only be accessed on the devices they originated on. Because of this it has gained notoriety as a tool used by terrorists and has even been banned in Russia and Iran where it has been deemed a tool of social dissidents. Nevertheless, Telegram is a well-done app for simple, fast and secure messaging.


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