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How to forward a message on iPhone

Forward iMessage on iPhone

Forwarding text or photos in the Messages app on iPhone can be faster than sending a new message from scratch. Whether the content is an iMessage or text message the process is the same. How to forward a message on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch may not be obvious at first. But resending images or a text message only takes a few steps.

How do I see who liked or otherwise reacted to my message in a group text on iPhone?

Multiple Tapback reactions (the heart, thumbs up/down, "HaHa", "!!" and "?" stickers that you can put on people's messages) will stack on each other, making it hard to see what is there. If you don't see the notification as it happens, you won't know who sent a reaction or what it was. There is a way, however, to see this in more detail so you can see who sent what reaction - just tap on the stacked reactions.

How to quickly extract zip files on your iPhone

How to unzip compressed files on iPhone and iPad with a shortcut.

If you have ever received a zipped or compressed archive as an email attachment and tried to open it on your iPhone, you've seen that you can view the contents but can't edit the individual files, or share them individually. Surprisingly, as of iOS 12, there is no built in option to extract zipped files. You can, however, easily create a shortcut that will do it for you. Here's how to do it on iPhone and iPad:

How do I start a call from the Messages app?

We've all had text message conversations that have turned into too much for texting, requiring a call instead. iOS 12 now lets you easily make that call directly from the conversation rather than leaving and opening your Phone app. Just tap on the picture/name of the person at the top and a menu will appear with options to start an audio or video call, plus an info button for other message thread details.


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