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How do I send firework/shooting star animations on my iPhone?

Update 2: iOS 10.1 allows screen effects to be played with Reduce Motion enabled.

Update: If you can't access the screen effects on your iOS device it is probably because you have the Reduce Motion slider enabled. Navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion, then tap the slider so it is OFF/WHITE. Now you should be able to access all screen and bubble effects in iOS 10 or later.

How do I enable/disable the handwriting feature in iMessages?

Apple introduced the ability to send handwritten text messages through the Messages app in iOS 10. While this is an interesting feature which allows users to personalize their text messages and replace handwritten physical notes, it can sometimes become intrusive. As of right now there is no way to disable this feature in the Settings app, but you can stop the handwriting screen from popping up by following the instructions posted below.


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