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How do I send firework/shooting star animations on my iPhone?

Sending the fireworks or shooting star animation on your iOS device is just like sending lasers, balloons or confetti. Animations can only be sent between iOS devices running iOS 10 or later. If you are sending effects to someone who is not running iOS 10 or later, or is using a device that does not support iOS 10, they will not be able to see your animation.

How do I add balloons/confetti effects to messages on my iPhone?

The Messages app now includes 4 bubble and 9 screen effects that can enhance any text message sent between iOS devices. These effects include Echo, Spotlight, Balloons, Confetti, Love, Lasers, Fireworks, Shooting Star and Celebration. These animations are available on the "Send with effect" screen" in the Messages app, and they can also be enabled by typing key phrases, such as "Happy Birthday." Here's how to send animated effects in the Messages app:

How can I block spam text messages on Verizon?

Update (06/14/19): Verizon has rolled out a new spam/robocalls blocking tool called "Verizon Call Filter." This new feature alerts Verizon customers to to incoming spam calls and allows them to report and block unwanted numbers. Depending on your device, you will see "a name, a picture, city and state when you receive an incoming call, text or voicemail from an unknown number." Click the link above for a Verizon Call Filter guide.


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