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How can I send iMessages from a phone number?

Messages iOS

Apple's iMessage service connects with the Messages app and iCloud using email addresses and phone numbers. The iPhone is typically configured to start new Messages using a phone number. If you notice an Apple device is sending messages from your email address by default, this can be changed.

Follow these steps to switch new iMessages to your phone number on iPhone:

How to change Hide My Email address forwarding

Hide My Email

Hide My Email gives Apple device owners a built-in way to protect their privacy and cut down on spam. Unique, random email addresses are created by the service when using Sign in with Apple on supported apps or websites, or with an iCloud+ subscription. Messages are automatically forwarded to the personal email of your choice. This ensures that only apps or websites you choose get access to your real email address.

How to turn off read receipts in Messages

Apple Messages

Read receipts are one of the many rich features baked into Apple's Messages app. By default, Messages lets everyone know exactly when you've seen an incoming message, photo, or video. While many iPhone and iPad users don't mind sharing this information with the world, others find it to be too intrusive. For anyone looking to increase privacy, there is a way to switch off read receipts entirely with a single toggle.

How to resend an email on iPhone

Mail iOS

The Mail app on iPhone has several hidden features that help in certain situations. Sometimes forwarding an email is messy, with previous recipients and headers to remove. Other times an email bounces back, and it must be sent again. Mail makes it possible to resend an email without any changes to the content of the email, only delivering it to new recipients.

Send Again also makes sending a revised email to the same person easy, without all of the indentation color changes in forwarding. Follow these steps to resend an email on iPhone or iPad:


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