How to transfer Signal messages to a new iPhone

Signal transfer messaging account

New features are continually developed for the secure messaging service Signal. The app is knows for its focus on privacy, with end-to-end encryption powered by the open source Signal Protocol. Every message and call is protected from view, except on the intended receiver's device. Android users have had a built-in backup feature for some time.

Signal has announced a similar feature for iOS devices. Now iPhone and iPad users can easily transfer their Signal data directly from an old device to a new one. The migration feature transfers message history, contacts, and other data via encrypted device-to-device connection. The new device even verifies the integrity of the data that is transferred.

Re-establishing an existing Signal account on a new iPhone or iPad just became much easier. Follow these steps to securely migrate your existing Signal information to a new iOS device:

  1. Make sure the new and old iPhone are powered on
  2. Install the Signal app on your new device
  3. After install, launch Signal and start the registration process. After your phone number is verified, tap Transfer from iOS Device
  4. Confirm the transfer on the old iPhone, then scan the QR code shown on the new device
  5. When complete, Signal data will be erased off the old iPhone and Signal on the new device is ready to use