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iPhone Mail not Working Under Jailbroken 1.14, Possible Fixes

A number of users who have upgraded and jailbroken 1.1.4 are reporting that the Mail application stops working properly after the upgrade and/or jailbreak is complete. These reports of a broken come in a variety of forms. For some users, Mail crashes when they attempt to open it. For others, it simply fails to download any new messages. Still, for others, Mail crashes when attempting to read a message.

Regardless of the particular symptoms your Mail is experiencing, should your be broken after upgrading and/or jailbreaking 1.1.4, here are some possible fixes:

What determines the email address that photos and web site links come from?

When sending photos and links from your iPhone, the iPhone will always use your default email address.

Your default address is determined in your Mail settings. To change your default account, go to

Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar -> Default Account

A different email account can also be selected when composing a new message. Click here for instructions on how to change the From address when sending iOS mail.

How can I turn off the home screen preview of SMS/text messages?

You may not want to see the little preview of text messages that turn up on your home screen when a new text (SMS) message comes in. To turn this off, head to your iPhone settings and go to:

iOS 7/8 UPDATE: Turn off text message, SMS and iMessage previews in alerts, banners and Notification Center with the following setting:

Settings -> Notifications -> Messages -> Show Previews -> OFF (gray switch, NOT green)

Turning off 'Show Previews' will disable the text message preview on your iPhone.

Is there a way to delete multiple or all messages at a time?

Unfortunately, at this point, there isn't.

For the time being, you're left with one of two options, each which delete only one message at a time:

1) tap the EDIT button then use the minus+confirm DELETE
2) swipe your finger across the subject/teaser of the message you want to erase and confirm DELETE

Hopefully a multiple delete or delete all feature is coming in a firmware update to the iPhone.

How can I forward a SMS text message?

UPDATE: Click here for instructions on how to forward a text / SMS / iMessage on iPhone.

For iPhones using firmware 3.0 or higher, forwarding of SMS messages is a built in feature. To forward a text message, simply

1) view the SMS text message conversation containing the message you'd like to forward
2) tap EDIT at the top of the screen
3) check off the message(s) you'd like to forward
4) tap FORWARD at the bottom right of the screen


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