iOS 12

How to use Stickers, Filters and Animoji with the Messages camera

How to use stickers, filters, Animoji and Memoji in Messages for iPhone and iPad.

With iOS 12, Apple encroaches on Snapchat's turf with a suite of new stickers and filters for the Messages camera, along with the ability to use Animoji and Memoji on FaceTime calls. While the Messages app has had stickers for some time now, they've been relegated to message threads; now you can paste them on photos you take with the app's camera, a feature that's been available on Snapchat for years and more recently on Instagram and Facebook.

5 hidden iOS 12 features

Do Not Disturb

The first iOS 12 public beta has been out for a few weeks giving beta testers plenty of time to discover all the new features not highlighted by Apple. The Cupertino company's main focus has been on performance. iOS 12 promises to be faster, more responsive, and "more delightful," according to the official preview page, but that doesn't mean there are no new bells and whistles. Here are 5 noteworthy iOS 12 features that didn't make Apple's initial WWDC keynote:


How to turn on the iPhone thesaurus

iOS Look Up

One of the more useful built-in features of iOS is the dictionary. Looking up words on the iPhone is easy with a long press or by using 3D Touch. Since the launch of iOS 12, Apple has added a new feature to the built-in dictionary. Users can quickly access a thesaurus as well. This makes it possible to find similar words or synonyms that are related to the target word.

How to use iPhone augmented reality Measure app

How to use iOS 12 augmented reality (AR) Measure app on iPhone and iPad.

While several third party measuring apps have been developed since ARKit debuted last year, iOS 12 introduces Apple's own augmented reality measuring app. Measure uses the iPhone's camera to measure distances between user selected points, a feature that has probably been in the minds of many ever since the first smartphone cameras arrived on the scene.


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